An Introduction to Chinese Measure Words for Buildings

Learn Chinese measure words for buildings Montessori 3-part flashcards #Chinese4kids #Chineseflashcards #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #measurewords

Embark on a linguistic journey as we delve into the intricate world of Chinese measure words tailored specifically for describing buildings. From majestic towers to quaint houses, each structure is accompanied by a unique measure word, adding layers of precision and cultural richness to the language. Let’s explore some common measure words used for buildings and structures.

Chinese Measure Words for Buildings

座 (zuò)

Used for large, solid, and enduring structures.
For example

一座桥 (yī zuò qiáo) – a bridge
一座楼 (yī zuò lóu) – a building
一座塔 (yī zuò tǎ) – a tower
一座庙 (miào) – a temple

栋 (dòng)

Used for buildings with several stories or floors.
For example,

一栋大楼 (yī dòng dàlóu) – a skyscraper
一栋公寓楼 (yī dòng gōngyù lóu) – an apartment building

幢 (zhuàng)

Often used for more individual, standalone structures.
For example,

一幢别墅 (yī zhuàng biéshù) – a villa
一幢办公楼 (yī zhuàng bàngōnglóu) – an office building
一幢小楼 (yī zhuàng xiǎolóu) – a small building

所 (suǒ)

Used for counting institutions, establishments, or places.
For example,

一所学校 (yī suǒ xuéxiào) – a school
一所医院 (yī suǒ yīyuàn) – a hospital
两所图书馆 (liǎng suǒ túshūguǎn) – two libraries

家 (jiā)

Used for counting businesses, companies, or households.
For example,

一家公司 (yī jiā gōngsī) – a company
三家餐馆 (sān jiā cānguǎn) – three restaurants
五家商店 (wǔ jiā shāngdiàn) – five stores
四家电影院(sì jiā diànyǐngyuàn) – four cinemas

条 (tiáo)

Explanation: Generally used for long, narrow, or winding structures.
For example,

一条街 (yī tiáo jiē) – a street
一条马路(yī tiáo mǎlù) – a road
两条小巷 (liǎng tiáo xiǎoxiàng) – two small alleys

间 (jiān)

Generally used for rooms or smaller structures.
For example,

一间教室 (yī jiān jiàoshì) – a classroom
一间厨房 (yī jiān chúfáng) – a kitchen
一间卫生间 (yī jiān wèishēngjiān) – a bathroom

扇 (shàn)

Used for counting doors or windows.
For example,

一扇门 (yī shàn mén) – a door
三扇窗户 (sān shàn chuānghù) – three windows
五扇大门 (wǔ shàn dàmén) – five large doors

面 (miàn)

Used for flat and broad surfaces, like walls or facades.
For example,

一面墙 (yī miàn qiáng) – a wall
三面玻璃 (sān miàn bōlí) – three glass surfaces

堵 (dǔ)

Used for counting walls.
For example,

一堵围墙 (yī dǔ wéiqiáng) – a surrounding wall
两堵墙 (liǎng dǔ qiáng) – two walls
四堵房屋墙 (sì dǔ fángwū qiáng) – four house walls

Learn Measure Words for Buildings with Montessori Flashcards

We’ve also created Measure Words for Buildings Montessori Flashcards that allows learners to engage in hands-on, interactive learning that emphasizes recognition, matching, and recall.

Learn Chinese measure words for buildings Montessori 3-part flashcards #Chinese4kids #Chineseflashcards #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #measurewords

Chinese measure words for buildings provide a nuanced way to quantify and describe various structures. Common measure words include 座 (zuò) for enduring and substantial buildings, 栋 (dòng) for multi-story constructions, 幢 (zhuàng) for standalone structures, 扇 (shàn) for doors or windows, 面 (miàn) for flat surfaces, 堵 (dǔ) for walls, 间 (jiān) for rooms, 所 (suǒ) for institutions, 家 (jiā) for businesses or households, and 条 (tiáo) for long, narrow structures like streets. These measure words add precision and cultural depth to the description of diverse architectural forms in the Chinese language.

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Learn Chinese measure words for buildings Montessori 3-part flashcards #Chinese4kids #Chineseflashcards #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #measurewords


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