6 Chinese Measure Words for Tableware

Learn about measure words for dishes, cups, utensils, and even table napkins in Chinese #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #Chinesegrammar #measurewords #tableware #MandarinChinese

Chinese is a language filled with unique features, one of which is the use of measure words (量词, liàngcí). These linguistic components are essential in quantifying nouns, including animals, body parts, clothes, food, transportation… and tableware. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most common measure words used for tableware, providing examples to help you understand their application.

Chinese Measure Words for Tableware

Here are some of the most common ones in Mandarin Chinese

把 (bǎ)

When referring to objects with handles or tools, such as knives, forks, and scissors, we often use 把.

For examples

一把叉子 (yī bǎ chāzi) – One fork
两把刀 (liǎng bǎ dāo) – Two knives
四把剪刀 (sì bǎ jiǎndāo) – Four pairs of scissors

根 (gēn)

根 (gēn) is employed to count long, slender objects, particularly applicable to chopsticks.
For examples

一根筷子 (yī gēn kuàizi) – One chopstick
五根吸管 (wǔ gēn xīguǎn) – Five straws

只 (zhī)

People use 只 (zhī) when referring to items that come in pairs, including certain tableware.
For examples

一只茶杯 (yī zhī chábēi) – One teacup
两只筷子 (liǎng zhī kuàizi) – Two chopsticks
三只勺子 (sān zhī sháozi) – Three spoons

个 (gè)

个 (gè) is a versatile, general-purpose measure word used for various items, including tableware.
For examples:

一个碗 (yī gè wǎn) – One bowl
两个茶壶(Liǎng gè cháhú) – Two teapots
三个盘子 (sān gè pánzi) – Three plates
五个杯子 (wǔ gè bēizi) – Five cups

对 (duì)

When we count pairs or sets of tableware, we can use the measure word 对 (duì).
For examples

一对勺子 (yī duì sháozi) – One set of spoons
两对筷子 (liǎng duì kuàizi) – Two pairs of chopsticks
三对酒杯 (sān duì jiǔbēi) – Three sets of wine glasses

张 (zhāng)

张 (zhāng) is typically used when counting flat or sheet-like objects, such as table napkins.
For examples

一张餐巾纸 (yī zhāng cān jīn zhǐ) – One napkin
五张纸巾 (wǔ zhāng zhǐjīn) – Five tissue papers

Learn Measure Words for Tableware with Montessori Flashcards

We’ve also created Measure Words for Tableware Montessori Flashcards that allows learners to engage in hands-on, interactive learning that emphasizes recognition, matching, and recall.

Learn Chinese measure words for tableware Montessori 3-part flashcards #Chinese4kids #Chineseflashcards #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #measurewords

Chinese measure words enhance language precision and accuracy when quantifying tableware items. Learning how to use measure words like 把, 根, 只, 个, 对, and 张 helps you effectively communicate when discussing dishes, cups, utensils, and even table napkins in the rich world of Chinese cuisine and dining.

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Learn about measure words for dishes, cups, utensils, and even table napkins in Chinese #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #Chinesegrammar #measurewords #tableware #MandarinChinese

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