Chinese Measure Words for Tableware Montessori 3-Part Flashcards

6 Chinese measure words for tableware with examples, in 2 sizes, are perfect for kids and Chinese beginning learners to practice describing different tableware precisely in Chinese.


Looking to improve your Chinese language skills and specifically master the measure words for tableware? These Montessori 3-part flashcards are designed just for you!

Our flashcards feature clear, high-quality images of various types of tableware, dishes, cups, utensils, and even table napkins, along with the corresponding measure words in Chinese. The 3-part design allows learners to engage in hands-on, interactive learning that emphasizes recognition, matching, and recall.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting to learn Chinese or an advanced learner looking to refine your language skills, these flashcards are a great tool to add to your learning arsenal. The Montessori method emphasizes independent learning and exploration, making these flashcards a fun and engaging way to improve your Chinese language skills.

The Montessori 3-Part cards consist of

1. control card with image, pinyin, and Chinese word
2. image card that only shows the image of an object
3. Chinese word card (label of the object)

⭐️What you will receive:
118 cards in 2 sizes-

5″x7″ or 4″x6″, perfect for learners of all ages.

*Note: This is a digital download.  No physical product will be mailed to you.

– Print on heavy cardstock paper (on your home printer or at a print shop).
– Laminate for extra durability and re-use.

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