Welcome to Chinese4kids! My name is Sophia, and I created Chinese4kids to support teachers and parents to help kids learn Mandarin Chinese as an additional language.  

I hope that the articles here inspire you to teach or tutor your kids in a variety of approaches. You’ll find a host of articles on China and Chinese Culture,  Chinese learning strategies and toolsfun Chinese , Chinese vocabulary , Chinese listening, speaking, reading & writing , as well as theme-based Chinese learning

To help your teaching even easier, you can also find a wide range of Chinese learning materials and resources on Chinese4kids, for example, find your Chinese names, Chinese vocabulary flashcards, Chinese theme-based learning packs, posters, workbooks, activity books, just to name some. What’s more, I also created free Chinese learning videos for your kids to learn Chinese nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, Chinese vocabulary, everyday Chinese, and take some lessons

In addition, we offer Chinese learning courses and membership to provide continuous support. And you’ll find the information on all the programs we offer here. 





Each step forward counts. Keep on making progress. Keep on growing. 

Less is more. Decluttering removes overwhelm and confusion.

Either one or one thousand, the reason we do what we say we do.

Want to Work with Me?

Equipping our kids with a language like Mandarin Chinese is fascinating. But it’s not easy. Either you are an educator or a homeschooling parent, this journey can be long and lonely. Especially when we live in a third culture. 

That’s where we need support.

Having raised two children as an expat family, I’ve lived and worded in several countries for the past 25 years. I am confident that I can help you. I can help you in terms of helping kids learn Chinese as an additional language. I can also help you getting aware of where you are, what you want to achieve,  and coming up with an action plan to reach your goals.

If you would love to find your purpose in helping your kids learn Chinese, if you want to live the life you want to have and be the better version of yourself, feel free to book an one-hour consult with me so we can explore opportunities working together. Please know there is absolutely no pressure or obligation at all after this call has taken place

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most of our content is made for kids to learn Chinese with the help of a teacher or a parent. If you are a self-directed learner, you can obviously use these resources. Apart from these, we have a Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy course that can help you build up your Chinese vocabulary – 300 Chinese characters and 1000 Chinese words – within 12 weeks. 

    If you are looking for an ongoing Chinese course, WuKong provides online Chinese courses for overseas kids and teenagers. Start your free trial of specially customized courses for Chinese children aged 3-18!

    Yes! In addition to the eBooks available in the shop, you can purchase the physical book “365 Days Chinese Learning Journal” to learn Chinese every single day for the whole year of 2024. You can also use “Trace and Write Chinese Pinyin Handwriting Practice Workbook to practice pinyin handwriting” and “The 100 Most Common Chinese Characters Handwriting Practice Workbook” to practice the handwriting for the top 100 Chinese characters. What’s more, you can use the following two books to help your kids learn Chinese with fun: “Chinese Number 1-10 Workbook for Preschoolers” and “My First Big Chinese Coloring Book for Toddlers Ages 2-4“.


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    It’s super easy. Just fill in the form above or send me an email directly with the subject line “book a consult”. Provide me with 3 time slots (please consider that my time zone is CET😀) and I’ll make sure one of them works for me. 

    Yes, if the content is relevant and my audience can benefit from the service, I’m happy to host your sponsorship. Check out our contact page.

    Note: this page contains some affiliate links, that means I’ll gain a small amount of commission if you decide to sign up to any of the services I also use. 

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