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5 Chinese films to improve your language skills

Have you ever heard of a film language learning lesson? Many people consume movies for fun, but the truth is, they can be helpful educationally as well. If you’re studying Chinese, watching films in this language is a smart way to learn how to make it your own. Now, let’s get started! Look at these five movies that will be interesting to any Chinese learner.

1. “To Live” (活着), Directed by Zhang Yimou

To Live offers a fascinating look into recent Chinese history. It follows one man and his family through brutal political and social problems and uses the everyday language of the time. It covers periods just before the Chinese Revolution, through the Cultural Revolution, and beyond. The movie is a great starting point for anyone who wishes to conduct historical research, giving us a masterful recreation of a defining moment in modern China.

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2. “Eat Drink Man Woman” (飲食男女), Directed by Ang Lee

Eat Drink Man Woman combines the pleasures of food and family in one delicious dish with girl talk and rivalry. In this multi-generational Taiwanese story, a recently retired master chef finds he still rules the kitchen and his family. His three unmarried daughters are right there to stir it up. Here is what you can learn from the movie:

  • Vocabulary Related to Families: Many characters are related to each other differently. Understanding all their links at first might be challenging, but once you do, you’ll significantly boost your vocabulary.
  • Conversations in Casual Settings: This movie will help you understand the words and patterns used by friends and family members.
  • Food Discussions:< The characters frequently discuss cooking around the dining table in Taipei.
  • Relationship Vocabulary: Dramatic but valid words are present in nearly every scene. Use them to comprehend Chinese from a new perspective.

Watching Eat Drink Man Woman gives you both personal and educational pleasure.

3. “Raise the Red Lantern” (大红灯笼高高挂), Directed by Zhang Yimou

Raise the Red Lantern< shows the wives’ struggles under the rule of an older master in a well-off household in early 20th-century China. You may wonder, what’s the value of a movie about this period? Every little detail matters. There were probably times when you got complex tasks – for instance, if you have no idea how to start your paper, looking at college essay hooks examples can help. In the same way, watching a movie like this will allow you to understand history and linguistics from a practical standpoint. Raise the Red Lantern details the social protocols in feudal China. How the characters use sounds and words reveals attitudes and culture during change. To watch this film is to enrich your vocabulary with formal expressions and learn more about Chinese cultural practices.

4. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (卧虎藏龙), Directed by Ang Lee

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is an action film about romance, loyalty, and destiny. It is set in the Qing dynasty, indicated by the classical language and poetic dialogue. It’s an excellent resource for learning classical expressions, martial arts vocabulary, and poetry stylistic choices. Listen to the smooth and philosophical exchanges between the characters.

5. “Lost in Thailand” (人再囧途之泰囧), Directed by Xu Zheng

Lost in Thailand

Lights, Camera, Fluency!

Watching Chinese films is a creative and dynamic approach to developing Chinese language skills. You can absorb new vocabulary, phrases, and cultural details while enjoying historical dramas, family sagas, or martial arts movies. Grab your favorite snack, hit the play button, and let Chinese cinema bring you fluency!


Post guest wrier: Ryan Mitchell

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5 Chinese films to improve your language skills

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5 Chinese films to improve your language skills

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