Colors in Chinese – Learn Basic Colors in Chinese

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In such a colorful world, how great it is to know all the colors in Mandarin Chinese! Colors are important in Chinese learning With the knowledge of names of colors, children can point to different objects of the color; they can describe the objects and they can make connections of various things they see, use and play with in daily life.  Colors in Chinese therefore are super interesting for kids to learn. There are many colors, the basic colors in Chinese are as below: Red – 红 hóng Blue – 蓝 lán Yellow – 黄 huáng Green – 绿 lǜ Purple – 紫  zǐ White - 白 bái Orange - 橙 chéng Pink –    粉红fěnhóng Grey –    灰   huī Black – 黑 hēi Do you know all of these colors in Chinese? Let’s […]

Lucky Phrases for Chinese New Year – Chinese Spring Festival Greetings

During the Chinese New Year celebration, Chinese people like to greet each other with 吉祥话 (Jíxiáng huà). 吉祥话 literally means lucky phrases, lucky sayings, or lucky expressions. Chinese people use these lucky phrases to express their wishes for health, wealth, and good fortune to each other. Here you can find a list of lucky phrases. […]

Chinese Expressions to Welcome New Year’s Arrival

Chinese New Year expressions to welcome New Year, talk about New Year resolution and Greet in New Year #Chinese4kids #Chineseexpressions #NewYear #NewYear2019 #NewYeargreetings #MandarinChinese #LearnChinese

The New Year is drawing near. Have you done your shopping? How about your wish list?  Or, have you written down New Year’s wishes to your friends and family? … Yes, there are so many things to do at the time of the year. Well, on top of these, I am going to talk about […]

16 Chinese Proverbs on Teaching and Learning

16 Chinese proverbs on Teaching and Learning Chinese proverbs on teaching Chinese proverbs on learning Chinese for kids Mandarin Chinese sayings #Chinese4kids #Chinesesaying #Chineseproverbs #Chinesequotes #Chineseproverbsonteaching #Chineseproverbsonlearning

Phil Collins said, “in learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn.” Indeed, teaching and learning many times are tied together: a good teacher is always a keen learner, and a good learner learns better when teaching to others. How do Chinese people view teaching and learning? Here are 16 Chinese proverbs on […]

Fall Theme Chinese Learning

Fall theme Chinese learning pack for kids Fall theme in Chinese Theme-based Chinese learning #Chinese4kids #MandarinChinese #Chineselearning #Chinesetheme #Falltheme #autumntheme #theme-basedlearning #Chineselanguage #Chineselearningpack

After Summer, it’s time to fall into the Autumn happily! Here I would like to share with you some activities to learn fall theme in Chinese. You will see ideas for apples and fall season. Whether you are planning for a fall unit study in Chinese or a quick lesson activity, you can find something […]

If You Are Happy, Clap Hands with Me -Let’s Learn This Chinese Children’s Song

If you are happy clap your hands Chinese children's song lyrics - learn Chinese children's song and learn Chinese language #Chinese4kdis #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #Chineselearning

If your happy and you know it, clap your hands Clap, clap Don’t you know this song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”? You most likely know this song well. Do you know there is a Chinese version of this song too? “如果开心你就跟我拍拍手” As we already know the importance of Chinese children’s songs in […]

12 Chinese Sayings about Life

12 Chinese sayings about life that show you Chinese wisdom towards life. #Chinesesayings #Chinesewisdom #Chineesproverbs #inspiratiionalquote

How do you view life in general? Is it sweet, or is it hard? What attitude do you think we should have for a fulfilling life? These questions are well discussed and answered in these Chinese sayings about life. In our lives, we experience joy, happiness, laughter, success, applause, love, friendship … as well as […]

Positive Things to Say to Kids in Chinese

Positive things to say to kids - use these Chinese encouraging words to raise happy kids. #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #speaktokidsinChinese #spokenChinese #spokenChinesewithkids

It’s much easier for us to focus on what we believe right for our kids rather than what they are interested in at the moment. This often leads to “no” when we communicate with our kids. As we know, negativity does not help shape our kids in the way we want them to become, so […]

365 Days of Chinese Learning

365 days Chinese learning #Chinese4kids #Chineselearning #chineseplanner #plan2021 #2021 #Chineselearningcalendar

It’s hard to believe the year 2020 is almost over. As the new year is quickly approaching, I bet we all start to anticipate a good start and wish that the new year is going to be a year of health, growth, joy, and success. And, surely, a year of progress in Chinese learning.  Establishing […]

Chinese4kids Book Collection Overview Updated

Chinese Learning eBooks available at provide great Chinese learning materials for kids to learn Chinese with ease and fun. #Chinese4kids #Chineselearning #MandarinChinese #learnChinese #ChineseeBooks

Over the years, our Chinese learning materials for kids collection has grown into a Chinese learning resource bank, with eBooks tackling different aspects of Chinese learning for kids. The eBooks can be categorized into the following groups: Chinese learning textbooks and/or workbooks, Chinese learning must-haves, useful learning materials, Chinese children’s poems or chants, and theme-based […]

What Are the Four Seasons in Chinese – Learn Seasons in Chinese

The four seasons in a year are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In Chinese, we say “春夏秋冬“, that means,  for Chinese people, Spring 春天 is the first season, indicating the start of a year and Winter 冬天 is the last season of a year. WHAT ARE THE 4 SEASONS IN CHINESE Season in Chinese is […]

Dr Seuss’s Books in Chinese – Enjoy Reading

When talking about the most influential children’s authors in the English-speaking world, Dr Seuss is the name which would pop up in many people’s heads. Indeed, if you visit any library or bookstore in the USA, you will for sure find Dr Seuss’ books. Students read his books in preschool and primary school. Dr Seuss […]

How to say “Congratulations” in Chinese like a native

There are many events in our lives we want to say “Congratulations”. Do you know how to say it in Chinese? In this article I will show you how to say “Congratulations” in Chinese like a native. BASIC EXPRESSIONS OF “CONGRATULATIONS” IN CHINESE Basically there are two expressions when we want to give “Congratulations” in […]

We Wish You a Merry Christmas Chinese Version – Learn Chinese from a Christmas Carol

Children’s songs are great for learning Chinese. The ones with simple and repeated verses, such as “Happy Birthday” (祝你生日快乐), are especially easy and fun to learn. While we are getting into the festive mood, why don’t we teach our kids a Christmas song, such as “Jingle Bells“. Here I will show you another Christmas carol,  […]

It’s Snowing – A Chinese Nursery Rhythm Great to Learn in Winter

It's Snowing Chinese Nursery Rhythm - learn Chinese with ease in Wintertime #Chinese4kids #winterlearning #learnChinese #Chinesenurseryrhythm #Chineselearning #MandarinChinese #Chineseforkids #funChinese #Chineselearningactitiy #Chineselearningmaterial

It is dark and cold in winter. It can be however a really interesting season for children, especially on the snowy days. Here let’s learn a Chinese nursery rhythm named “It’s Snowing”. 下雪了 It’s Snowing 下雪了,下雪了 xià xuěle, xià xuěle It is snowing, it is snowing 屋子长高了 wūzi zhǎng gāole Houses grow higher 小路变胖了 xiǎolù […]

Visiting China This Year? These Chinese Travel Expressions will help

What’s your summer plan this year? If visiting China is in your plan, you got to learn some key phrases and sentences before you go there. Chinese travel expressions help open a conversation, ask for direction, catch attention and move around with more comfort and confidence. 4 Must – Know Chinese Phrases 1.How are you? […]

橄榄树Olive Tree

橄榄树Olive Tree a Chinese song of Sanmao Chinese for kids|Chinese song | Learn Chinese #Chinese4kids #Chineselearning #Chinesesong

This is my favorite song, after many years, it is still my favorite song. “Olive Tree”, a tree which usually grows in a distant country, interprets the desire to explore the world, although the journey can be lonely and painful. However, the dream of searching for the olive tree is strong enough for any toughness. […]

How to Say Thank You in Chinese like a Native

You now know how to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” in different situations in Chinese, you can impress a lot of people. Let’s learn to say Thank You in Chinese like a native. A PLAIN “THANK YOU” IN CHINESE “Thank you” is 谢谢 in Chinese, which you might already know. Indeed, if you only know “谢谢“,you […]