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Every Child Can Learn Mandarin Chinese As An Additional Language

Are You Thinking of Helping Your Child Learn Chinese?

That’s great! To get started, it’s helpful to have a guide that answers common questions and provides useful tips. The Top 10 Questions in Getting Started guide can help you better understand the language, its structure, and therefore be ready to take actions.

Are You Teaching Kids Mandarin Chinese?

Fantastic! This journey can be hard sometimes, but is definitely rewarding in the end. Here is one sample Chinese lesson taken from Chinese4kids Membership. It has everything you need to deliver an introduction lesson or a part of warm-up session for many lessons. 

Are You Thriving to Evolve on Various Aspects in Life

Our potentials are limitless. Languages are only part of it. If you feel like to gain more focus, more balance, less stress; if you want to discover your true potentials, reach your goals, and live the life your want to have, I invite you to work with me. 

What We Do


We support teachers and parents to help kids learn Mandarin Chinese as an additional language.


We create quality teaching / learning materials to make Chinese learning easy and fun.


We nurture, listen, coach, and aim to evolve to a better version of ourselves together.

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