Understanding Chinese Measure Words for Common Household Items

Learn about measure words for tables, lamps, fridges, TV set, etc., in Chinese #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #Chinesegrammar #measurewords #householditems #MandarinChinese

The Chinese language boasts a unique and intricate system of measure words (量词 liàngcí) that add depth and precision to communication. Measure words are essential for quantifying objects and specifying quantities. In this article, we will explore some commonly used Chinese measure words for household items. For each item, we will provide a brief explanation of its corresponding measure word and offer some examples.

Common Measure Words for Household Items

把 (bǎ)

把 (bǎ) is a versatile measure word for items with handles, such as chairs, doors, and knives. It implies a sense of grip or control.
For example

一把椅子 (yī bǎ yǐzi) – One chair
两把牙刷(liǎng bǎ yáshuā) – Two toothbrushes
三把伞(sān bǎ sǎn) – Three umbrellas
一把钥匙(yī bǎ yàoshi) – One bunch of keys
两把梳子 (liǎng bǎ shūzi) – Two combs

张 (zhāng)

张 (zhāng) is the measure word for flat or extended objects, like tables, beds, or sheets. It emphasises the idea of “spreading out.”

For example

一张桌子 (yī zhāng zhuōzi) – One table
三张床 (sān zhāng chuáng) – Three beds

台 (tái)

台 (tái) is the measure word for electronic devices, including refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, and lamps. It is used for machinery or equipment with screens.

For example

一台冰箱 (yī tái bīngxiāng) – One refrigerator
一台洗衣机 (yī tái xǐyījī) – One washing machine
两台空调 (liǎng tái kōngtiáo) – Two air conditioners
四台电视机 (sì tái diànshìjī) – Four televisions

个 (gè)

个 (gè) is a general measure word for individual, standalone items, fitting items like pillows.

For example

一个灯泡 (yī gè dēngpào) – One lightbulb
一个枕头 (yī gè zhěntou) – One pillow
一个箱子(yīgè xiāngzi) – One suitcase

盏 (zhǎn)

盏 (zhǎn) is the measure word for lamps and lanterns. It is used to count objects that emit light.

For example

一盏台灯 (yī zhǎn táidēng) – One desk lamp
两盏吊灯 (liǎng zhǎn diàodēng) – Two pendant lamps

面 (miàn)

面 (miàn) is used for objects with surfaces, like mirrors, screens, or displays.

For example

一面镜子 (yī miàn jìngzi) – One mirror

块 (kuài)

块 (kuài) is used for soap, emphasizing its solid form.

For example

一块肥皂 (yī kuài féizào) – One bar of soap
两块香皂 (liǎng kuài xiāngzào) – Two bars of scented soap

条 (tiáo)

条 (tiáo) is a measure word used for long, flexible, or linear objects in Chinese.

For example,

一条床单 (yī tiáo chuángdān) – One sheet
一条被子 (yī tiáo bèizi) – One duvet
两条毛巾 (liǎng tiáo máojīn) – Two towels
一条长凳 (yī tiáo chángdèng) – One bench

Learn Measure Words for Household Items with Montessori Flashcards

We’ve also created Measure Words for Household Items Montessori Flashcards that allows learners to engage in hands-on, interactive learning that emphasizes recognition, matching, and recall.

Learn Chinese measure words for common household items Montessori 3-part flashcards #Chinese4kids #Chineseflashcards #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #measurewords

Chinese measure words enhance the precision and richness of the language, allowing for more accurate communication. When discussing household items like tables, chairs, sofas, towels, lamps, lightbulbs, refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, and mirrors, using the appropriate measure word is essential. With practice, you can master the art of quantifying and describing these items in Chinese, making your language skills more versatile and expressive.

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Learn about measure words for tables, lamps, fridges, TV set, etc., in Chinese #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #Chinesegrammar #measurewords #householditems #MandarinChinese

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