Chinese Classroom Setup Pack

A Chinese Classroom Setup Pack help teachers create a Chinese learning environment as well as to support positive classroom behavior.


Setting up a Chinese classroom requires some consideration. Signs to welcome students? Any posters on the wall? Labels on the cubbies? How about a set of classroom rules? A voice level display? and so on… Everything a teacher does is to create a  Chinese learning environment,  support positive classroom behavior, as well as remind students of key vocabulary. 

This pack is designed to make setting up a Chinese classroom a piece of cake.

What’s Included?

In this package, you’ll find the following valuable resources:

  • Welcome to Our Chinese Classroom Bunting banners: available in 2 designs
  • Cubby Tray Labels: they are perfect for you to label your 12 stationery trays with ready-made labels; there are some empty labels for you to add even more.
  • Classroom Rules Poster: a great asset for any classroom. Available in both English and Chinese. A3 and A4 sizes.
  • Voice Level Poster: A gentle reminder of voice level in the classroom. Available in both English and Chinese. A3 and A4 sizes.
  • Magic Words Poster: this poster shows the phrases you want the students to use in the classroom “谢谢”“请”“请问”“对不起”. Available in A3 and A4 sizes
  • Reward Charts: tracking the behavior or performance of the students and give them rewards accordingly. 3 different designs
  • Had A Great Day Certificate: these are great to give to students at the end of the first day of school. 2 designs, in both colored and black and white formats.

This Pack Is Right for You, If

  • you need to decorate your classroom so that your students feel ready to study Chinese.
  • looking for the right materials is too stressful and too much time-consuming.
  • you need to have everything done right now.

The Pack Is Printable and You Can Download Them Instantly.

Are you ready?

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