Natural Disaster Chinese Vocabulary Montessori 3-Part Learning Flashcards

Natural disasters happen quite often. Use these Montessori 3-part flashcards for learning natural disaster Chinese vocabulary.


Global warming has caused more natural disasters in recent years. Natural disasters happen quite often nowadays. It’s necessary and useful to learn the terms of natural disasters in Chinese. These Montessori 3-part flashcards are designed to help kids and Chinese beginning learners learn about the natural disaster Chinese vocabulary.

These flashcards are perfect to use for teaching Chinese Mandarin to English speakers or teaching English as Second Language ( ESL ) to Chinese speakers. 

The Montessori 3-Part cards consist of

1. control card with image, English, pinyin, and Chinese word
2. image card that only shows the image of an object
3. Chinese word card (label of the object)

The flashcards are of 2 sizes: 5″x7″ or 4″x6″, perfect for learners of all ages.

⭐️What you will receive:

There are 2 sets of flashcards featuring Natural Disaster Chinese vocabulary:
–  cards of 5″ x 7″ sizes (2 cards per page)
–  4 cards per page

*Note: This is a digital download.  No physical product will be mailed to you.


– Print on heavy cardstock paper (on your home printer or at a print shop).
– Laminate for extra durability and re-use.

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