Learning Planets in Chinese: Fun and Easy Ways for Kids

learn planets in Chinese

It is is both fun and educational for kids to learn planets in Chinese. Here are the Chinese names of the planets in our solar system:

– Mercury: 水星 (Shuǐxīng)
– Venus: 金星 (Jīnxīng)
– Earth: 地球 (Dìqiú)
– Mars: 火星 (Huǒxīng)
– Jupiter: 木星 (Mùxīng)
– Saturn: 土星 (Tǔxīng)
– Uranus: 天王星 (Tiānwángxīng)
– Neptune: 海王星 (Hǎiwángxīng)

Memorizing these names is the first step towards understanding our solar system in Chinese. We can use several methods to better help kids visualize and study them.

Learn Planets in Chinese Using Posters

Posters are a fantastic way to learn and remember new vocabulary. Hang a colorful poster with the planets and their Chinese names in the classroom or in a study room. Every day, take a moment to look at it and say the names out loud. Over time, you’ll find that you remember them easily. Posters can also be interactive; you can add facts about each planet to make the learning process more engaging.

Here are a couple of examples

Solar System Planets

Chinese posters on planets in solar system

Individual Planets and Planets Overview

Planets Chinese vocabulary posters


Flashcards are a classic educational tool that makes learning interactive and fun. Create a set of flashcards with the planet names in Chinese on one side and the English names on the other. Practice with these flashcards daily, testing yourself or playing games with friends to see who can remember the most names. Flashcards can also be shuffled and used to play memory games, enhancing both vocabulary and cognitive skills.

Here are two types of flashcards you can consider: flashcards and word labels.

Fun Learning Activities

The best learning takes place through hands-on activities. So involve kids, encourage them to explore and work on different tasks, such as:

Matching Worksheet

A matching worksheet is a great way to reinforce learning. On one side of the worksheet, write the Chinese names of the planets, and on the other side, place pictures of the planets. Draw lines to match the names with the correct planets. This activity helps to connect words with images, making it easier to remember the names. You can also turn this into a timed challenge to make it more exciting.

Design Your Own Planet

Use your imagination to design your own planet. Draw it, give it a unique name in Chinese, and describe its features. For instance, you could say 我的星球叫蓝星 (Wǒ de xīngqiú jiào lán xīng), which means “My planet is called Blue Star.” Describe its environment, inhabitants, and any special characteristics it has. This activity encourages creativity and helps to use new vocabulary in a practical way.


Coloring is a relaxing and effective way to learn. Find or create coloring pages of the planets and write their Chinese names next to them. As you color, repeat the names out loud. This helps reinforce learning through a creative and enjoyable activity. You can also create a booklet of colored planets with their names to review later.

Trace and Color the Planets and Chinese Names

Tracing Chinese characters is an excellent way to learn planets in Chinese. Trace and color the planets together with Chinese names help establish the connection between the planets and their Chinese names. After tracing the characters, color them to make the activity more engaging. For example, trace 火星 (Huǒxīng) for Mars and then color it red. This dual activity of tracing and coloring aids in memorizing the shapes and strokes of the characters.

Connect with Space and Environment Learning

Learning about planets can be a gateway to exploring more about space and our environment. Study the solar system to understand how planets orbit the Sun and their unique features. Discuss why Earth is special and the importance of protecting our environment. This can lead to projects like creating a model of the solar system or researching how space exploration affects Earth.

Combining Learning Activities

Combining different learning activities can provide a richer educational experience. For example, after coloring a planet, write a short story about it in Chinese. Describe its environment, inhabitants, and any adventures that happen there. Or, after designing your own planet, create a detailed poster with its name, features, and fun facts. This holistic approach helps to reinforce learning through multiple methods.

Using Technology

Incorporate technology into your learning process. Use educational apps and websites that offer interactive games and quizzes about the planets in Chinese. Watch videos or animations that explain the solar system in Mandarin. These digital resources can provide a dynamic and interactive way to learn, keeping the process engaging and up-to-date with modern learning tools.

Group Activities

Learning is often more fun with friends. Organize group activities such as a planet-themed scavenger hunt where each clue is a fact about a planet in Chinese. You can also have a trivia night with questions about the planets in Chinese. These activities encourage teamwork and make learning a social experience.

Use Solar System Planets Chinese Learning Pack

The learning pack combines the resources mentioned above, which makes teaching and learning planets in Chinese much easier. From planets vocabulary display to worksheets, you can find activities.

Learning the names of the planets in Chinese is an exciting journey. Using tools like posters, flashcards, and fun activities such as matching worksheets, designing your own planet, and coloring can make the process enjoyable and effective. Connecting this learning with broader space and environmental studies enriches the experience. Combining multiple methods and incorporating technology can further enhance learning. Enjoy your exploration of the solar system in Chinese!

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