Tips to Help Your Child Get Ready for Chinese Learning

Get kids ready for Chinese learning with these tips. #Chinese4kids #LearnChinese #Chinesehomeschooling #teachChinese #mandarinChinese #Chineselearning

It’s again the back-to-school time, and the time to get kids ready for Chinese learning. However, things are a bit different this year. Some kids may not go to school but have to attend the classes virtually; those who do go to school may have to wear masks and keep a social distance. For this or that reason, some kids may not be able to attend Chinese school or the Chinese lessons have to be canceled…The changes are different in different places, the thing that remains the same is that families are playing a more and more important role in kids’ general education including Chinese learning.

Despite the circumstances, it’s time for kids to be ready to go back to studies. How can we help them to get ready? Here are some tips to get kids ready for Chinese learning.

Get Chinese Learning Supplies Ready

New supplies symbolize the start of a new school year. For Chinese learning, we can even get something special to add excitement to our kids. In addition to the regular stationery items such as pencils, notebooks, markers, scissors, eraser, etc, it’s a good idea to have some Chinese-learning specific items such as Tianzi Ge exercise books, Chinese calligraphy writing sets, and so on.

Need ideas on what to prepare? Check out the back to school mandarin Chinese studies supply list.

Take Out Chinese Books

Surround your children with plenty of Chinese books – textbooks, dictionaries, comics, reading books, and so on, so to create an environment that showcases the Chinese language and literature.

Here are some Chinese books you may be interested in adding to your library:

Create A Chinese Corner

A reading corner, a play corner, a Chinese booth, even a giant panda relaxation corner… as long as it is filled with objects that invite the kids to feel Chinese, to explore and spend time in Chinese, it is a great corner.

The key is that this place is decorated with Chinese objects and elements. Ideas include:

Use Calendars, Planners To Stay On Top Of Things

Calendars work well to give the kids a great overview of events, activities, and tasks. Have the kids enter the important activities onto a monthly calendar. Markdown events such as birthdays, the first day of school, school break, doctor’s appointment, playdates, family visit, swimming lesson, etc. Markdown Chinese lessons along with all these activities. Once the calendar is fully marked, kids can have a clear view of how their lives look like in the upcoming month. They can therefore be more ready to stick with the plans.

In addition to the monthly calendar, weekly planners are quite important too. We can help kids to schedule their weekly plans: first, put down all the important “big” events of the week into the planner; then based on the daily activity (for example, homework), update the planner accordingly.

is a good example

The following two versions of the 365 Days Chinese Learning Calendar Notebook are great to use the minimum time to learn one Chinese expression every day.

We’ve designed 4 different Chinese study planners to help students and parents to plan, record, and stay on track with their Chinese learning. The four planners are

  1. Chinese learning weekly planner
  2. Chinese study log
  3. Chinese reading log
  4. Chinese learning habit tracker


Set Up A Reward System

Kids need recognition and reward. Chinese learning as an idea is exciting at the beginning, but kids may lose interest as time goes on. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up a reward system that does not only show the progress but also help the kids have a sense of accomplishment.

A star system works very well for children. Every time the kids do a Chinese lesson, finish a piece of work successfully, they are awarded a star; when they collect a certain number of stars, let’s say, 10 stars, they can pick a reward: a toy, a dinner out, a movie, or anything attractive.


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Get kids ready for Chinese learning with these tips. #Chinese4kids #LearnChinese #Chinesehomeschooling #teachChinese #mandarinChinese #Chineselearning

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