A Tasty Adventure: Exploring Fast Food Vocabulary in Chinese

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This series of posts introduce Chinese vocabulary on various topics of food as follow:

🥗 Common Food Vocabulary
🍎 Fruit
🥦 Vegetable
🌭 Fast Food
🥛 Beverage
🎂 Dessert
🥟 Chinese Food

Fast food is a global phenomenon, and its influence extends to every corner of the world, including China. Whether you’re a fast-food lover, planning a trip to China, or simply interested in expanding your language skills, learning common fast food vocabulary in Chinese can be both fun and practical. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a flavorful journey, introducing you to fast food items, from wraps to chocolate, along with their names in Chinese.

Common Fast Food

Kids are familiar with all kinds of fast food. Knowing how to say fast them in Chinese makes it easy to order in a restaurant chain, or impress friends.

卷饼 (juǎn bǐng) – Wrap:
Wraps, filled with various ingredients, are a convenient and popular choice for a quick meal or snack.

热狗 (rè gǒu) – Hotdog:
Hotdogs are a beloved street food item in China, often served with a variety of toppings and condiments.

沙拉 (shā lā) – Salad:
Salads are a healthier fast food option, offering a mix of fresh vegetables and often topped with proteins like chicken or shrimp.

比萨饼 (bǐ sà bǐng) – Pizza:
Pizza has found a special place in Chinese cuisine, with toppings that cater to local preferences.

汉堡包 (hàn bǎo bāo) – Hamburger:
Hamburgers are a staple in Chinese fast-food chains, and you can find various regional adaptations.

玉米卷 (yù mǐ juǎn) – Taco:
Tacos, with their crunchy shells and savoury fillings, are a delightful fast food option.

爆玉米花 (bào yù mǐ huā) – Popcorn:
Popcorn is a classic snack enjoyed in movie theatres and at home.

薯条 (shǔ tiáo) – French Fries:
French fries are a side dish loved by people of all ages and often served with dipping sauces.

方便面 (fāng biàn miàn) – Instant Noodles:
Instant noodles are a quick and easy meal option, available in various flavours.

炒饭 (chǎo fàn) – Fried Rice:
Fried rice is a versatile fast food choice, often customised with different ingredients.

寿司 (shòu sī) – Sushi:
Sushi is enjoyed for its fresh fish and unique flavours, and sushi bars are popular in China’s larger cities.

玉米狗 (yù mǐ gǒu) – Corn Dog:
Corn dogs, a battered and fried favourite, are sometimes found at street food stalls.

巧克力 (qiǎo kè lì) – Chocolate:
Chocolate is a sweet indulgence, found in various forms from bars to desserts.

甜甜圈 (tián tián quān) – Donut:
Donuts, often glazed and sprinkled, make for a delightful treat.

饼干 (bǐng gān) – Cookie:
Cookies are a popular snack, with a variety of flavours and textures.

薯片 (shǔ piàn) – Chips:
Potato chips and other snack chips come in an assortment of flavours.

Vocabulary Video


Sample Sentences

How about some sentence examples we can actually use in our daily life? Pay attention to the fast food words mentioned in each of them.

Jīntiān wǒ chīle rè gǒu hé shǔ tiáo.
Today, I had a hotdog and fries.

Zhōumò wǒmen diǎn wàimài bǐ sà bǐng.
On weekends, we order pizza delivery.

Wǒ ài chī bào yù mǐ huā.
I love eating popcorn.

Yù mǐ juǎn jiā là jiàng hěn hào chī.
Tacos with spicy sauce are delicious.

Shā lā jiā jīròu hé jiàngzhī.
Salad with chicken and dressing.

Qiǎo kè lì bǐng gān jiě jiě chán.
Chocolate cookies satisfy cravings.

Fāngbiàn miàn shì kuàisù wǎncān xuǎnzé.
Instant noodles are a quick dinner option.

Fast Food Chinese Vocabulary Flashcards

The best way to learn these words is by using flashcards. With the aid of images and pinyin, learning the words becomes quite easy. We’ve made Fast Food Chinese Learning Montessori 3-Part flash cards as shown in the image below. They provide a combination of image, Chinese with and without pinyin, as well as English translation.  You can get them in our shop.

fast food vocabulary in Chinese for kids and Chinese learners #Chinesevocabulary #foodwordsinChinese #Chineselanguage #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #food

Exploring fast food vocabulary in Chinese not only introduces you to the language but also provides insight into the global appeal of this type of food. Whether you’re ordering a pizza in Beijing, enjoying sushi in London, or indulging in a chocolate donut in New York, knowing these words in Chinese will enhance your experience and connect you to the diverse culinary world that China has to offer. So, embrace the flavours and enjoy your fast food!

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fast food vocabulary in Chinese for kids and Chinese learners #Chinesevocabulary #foodwordsinChinese #Chineselanguage #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #food

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fast food vocabulary in Chinese for kids and Chinese learners #Chinesevocabulary #foodwordsinChinese #Chineselanguage #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #food

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