A Sweet Journey: Exploring Dessert Vocabulary in Chinese

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This series of posts introduce Chinese vocabulary on various topics of food as follow:

🥗 Common Food Vocabulary
🍎 Fruit
🥦 Vegetable
🌭 Fast Food
🥛 Beverage
🎂 Dessert
🥟 Chinese Food

How to name dessert in Chinese? Desserts, with their sweet allure, transcend language barriers and delight taste buds worldwide. If you’re embarking on a journey to learn Chinese, why not sweeten the deal by diving into dessert vocabulary? In this article, we’ll introduce you to some delectable dessert-related words in Chinese, perfect for beginners eager to expand their language skills while satisfying their sweet cravings. From classic treats like cake and chocolate to exotic delights like macarons and churros, let’s take a flavorful exploration together.

Common Dessert Names in Chinese

1. 蛋糕 (dàngāo) – Cake:
Let’s start our dessert journey with the beloved 蛋糕 (dàngāo). Cakes come in various flavors, shapes, and sizes, making them a universal dessert choice for celebrations and special occasions.

2. 棒棒糖 (bàngbàngtáng) – Lollipop:
棒棒糖 (bàngbàngtáng) is a fun and colorful sweet on a stick, enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

3. 布丁 (bùdīng) – Pudding:
布丁 (bùdīng) is a creamy and smooth dessert, often flavored with vanilla or caramel.

4. (pài) – Pie:
派 (pài) is a delicious pastry filled with sweet fruit or creamy fillings, like apple pie or pumpkin pie.

5. 巧克力 (qiǎokèlì) – Chocolate:
巧克力 (qiǎokèlì) is a universally adored sweet treat that comes in various forms, from bars to truffles.

6. 羊角面包 (yáng jiǎo miànbāo) – Croissant:
羊角面包 (yáng jiǎo miànbāo) is a flaky and buttery pastry, perfect for breakfast or a quick snack.

7. 饼干 (bǐnggān) – Cookie:
饼干 (bǐnggān) are sweet baked treats, ideal for dipping in milk or enjoying with a cup of tea.

8. 西班牙油条 (xī bān yá yóutiáo) – Churro:
西班牙油条 (xī bān yá yóutiáo) are fried dough pastries, often coated in cinnamon and sugar.

9. 冰淇淋 (bīngqílín) – Ice Cream:
冰淇淋 (bīngqílín) is a cool and creamy dessert that comes in a wide range of flavors.

10. 冰棍 (bīng gùn) – Popsicle:
冰棍 (bīng gùn) are frozen treats on a stick, perfect for beating the summer heat.

11. 甜甜圈 (tiántiánquān) – Donut:
甜甜圈 (tiántiánquān) are fried dough rings, often glazed and sprinkled with toppings.

12. 纸杯蛋糕 (zhǐ bēi dàngāo) – Cupcake:
纸杯蛋糕 (zhǐ bēi dàngāo) are individual-sized cakes baked in paper cups, often decorated with frosting.

13. 玛芬蛋糕 (mǎfēn dàngāo) – Muffin:
玛芬蛋糕 (mǎfēn dàngāo) are moist and tender cakes, available in various flavors.

14. 糖果 (tángguǒ) – Candy:
糖果 (tángguǒ) encompass a wide range of sweet treats, from hard candies to gummies.

15. 软糖 (ruǎntáng) – Gummy:
软糖 (ruǎntáng) are chewy, gelatin-based candies that come in various shapes and flavors.

16. 棉花糖 (miánhuātáng) – Marshmallow:
棉花糖 (miánhuātáng) are soft and fluffy sweets, often used in s’mores and hot chocolate.

17. 果冻 (guǒdòng) – Jello:
果冻 (guǒdòng) is a wobbly and fruity dessert enjoyed by both kids and adults.

18. 马卡龙 (mǎkǎlóng) – Macaron:
马卡龙 (mǎkǎlóng) are delicate and colorful meringue-based cookies with creamy fillings.

19. 布朗尼 (bùlǎngní) – Brownie:
布朗尼 (bùlǎngní) are dense and chocolatey squares, often served warm with a scoop of ice cream.

20. 司康饼 (sīkāng bǐng) – Scone:
司康饼 (sīkāng bǐng) are crumbly and slightly sweet pastries, perfect with clotted cream and jam.

Dessert Chinese Vocabulary

Youtube video: https://youtu.be/zouyTCpkaOA

Sample Sentences Using Dessert Vocabulary

Let’s dive into these dessert words further with some sample sentences to aid your learning journey:

Wǒ jīntiān shēngrì, yào chī dàngāo.
Today is my birthday, and I want to eat cake.

Háizimen xǐhuān chī bàngbàngtáng.
Kids like to eat lollipops.

Wǒ zuì xǐhuān chī píngguǒ pài.
I love apple pie the most.

Qiǎokèlì kěyǐ ràng rén kāixīn.
Chocolate can make people happy.

Zài kāfēi guǎn lǐ, wǒ chángcháng diǎn yángjiǎo miànbāo.
In the coffee shop, I often order croissants.

Wǒ yào chī qiǎokèlì bǐnggān.
I want to eat chocolate cookies.

Dessert Chinese Words Flashcards

We’ve made Dessert Chinese Learning Montessori 3-Part flash cards as shown in the image above. You can get them in our shop.

dessert vocabulary in Chinese for kids and Chinese learners #Chinesevocabulary #foodwordsinChinese #Chineselanguage #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #food #dessertChinese

Hope this article answers your question:How to Name Dessert in Chinese? With the knowledge of Chinese vocabulary for dessert, you’ll soon be able to savour your favourite treats while expanding your language skills. Whether you’re enjoying a classic 蛋糕 (dàngāo) or trying something new like a 马卡龙 (mǎkǎlóng), enjoy your sweet journey of learning Chinese!

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dessert vocabulary in Chinese for kids and Chinese learners #Chinesevocabulary #foodwordsinChinese #Chineselanguage #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #food #dessertChinese

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