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Colors in Chinese – Learn Basic Colors in Chinese

In such a colorful world, how great it is to know all the colors in Mandarin Chinese! Colors are important in Chinese learning With the knowledge of names of colors, children can point to different objects of the color; they can describe the objects and they can make connections of various things they see, use and play with in daily life.  Colors in Chinese therefore are super interesting for kids to learn. There are many colors, the basic colors in Chinese are as below: Red – 红 hóng Blue – 蓝 lán Yellow – 黄 huáng Green – 绿 lǜ Purple – 紫  zǐ White - 白 bái Orange - 橙 chéng Pink –    粉红fěnhóng Grey –    灰   huī Black – 黑 hēi Do you know all of these colors in Chinese? Let’s …

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