10 Posts on Chinese Learning and Teaching for Kids You Don’t Want to Miss from Chinese4kids


At the end of the year, it is a good time to look back. 2018 has been a good year for Chinese4kids. We’ve published posts on Chinese learning and teaching nearly every week. We’ve grown our community on Facebook and Pinterest. What’s more, we’ve added quite some eBooks to our eBook collection. It was also our pleasure that hundreds of Chinese learners have joined our 5-Day Chinese character challenge. On top of all these, we launched our membership site this month and it is going to be a central portal for us to access Chinese learning resources, connect and grow stronger together.

Here I would love to list 10 posts on Chinese learning and teaching for kids you don’t want to miss from 2018:

Why Should Children Learn to Write Chinese Characters

This post addresses a common question: should children learn to write Chinese characters? It does not matter what goals you have for your children in terms of Chinese learning, knowing how to write the first couple of hundreds of Chinese characters is important.

Use Spaced Repetition System in Chinese Learning

Spaced Repetition System “is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect.” (Wikipedia) It is a very useful technique we can incorporate in Chinese learning, especially Chinese character learning.

Use Chunking to Increase Chinese Vocabulary Efficiently and Effectively 

This is another article tackling how to “hack” the limits of memory. It allows people to combine smaller bits of information into more meaningful and therefore more memorable larger pieces.
It is another very useful learning technique we can use in learning all subjects including Chinese.

Use Role Plays to Motivate Children to Learn Chinese 

Role-plays do not only play for children. In role-plays,  children do not only practice their language skills, but also their social skills through cooperation, listening, and taking turns.
If directed well, children can learn to use a new language via playing. This article discussed different ways of organizing and preparing role plays for children.

Top Chinese Textbooks for Children 

A question many Chinese learners ask is: which textbook I should choose. Indeed a good textbook can raise the interest of students and provide the interactivity to engage and involve the students in the learning process.  When choosing a Chinese textbook, we need to consider the purpose and the age/level of the student.

This article shows a list of some popular and highly-regarded Chinese textbooks categorized by the audience and learning outcome.

Chinese4kids Book Collection Overview

Over the years, our Chinese4kids eBook collection has grown into a Chinese learning resource center, with eBooks focusing on different aspects of Chinese learning for kids. The eBooks can be categorized into the following groups: Chinese learning textbooks, workbooks, audio files, reference booklet, and theme-based learning materials. This article features some eBooks. The complete collection including the new additions can be found here.

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide to Some Basic yet Essential Chinese Words

This article walks through the process of how the project of the Chinese vocabulary study guide came to life. It is a well-organized, condense guide with examples to highlight all the points a Chinese learner should know about a Chinese word.

16 Chinese Proverbs on Teaching and Learning 

Chinese proverbs are always popular. This post is extremely popular. I think it is because all the proverbs are relevant and readers resonate with them. For example,
Wén ér wàng zhī; jiàn ér jì zhī; xíng ér zhīzhī
I listen and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand

Back to School Mandarin Chinese Studies Supply List 

This post lists some super handy supplies that can be used in the classroom or to set up a Chinese learning corner at home.

Of course, there are many more posts from 2018 on Chinese4kids.net to discuss different aspects of Chinese learning and teaching. We will keep on working hard and aim to deliver more valuable stuff in the new year! Let’s all keep going and make the year 2019 a successful year!


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