Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide to Some Basic yet Essential Chinese Words

A study guide is a condensed version of important information one needs to know in order to understand a concept, a word or rules. Chinese vocabulary study guide provides assistance and support for Chinese learners as a reference to some basic yet essential Chinese words.


A study guide is “a student tool used to help facilitate learning and comprehension of literature, research topics, history, and other subjects. “(wikipedia) “It is a book or other learning resources intended to provide assistance and support for people studying a particular topic or course. “(Oxford Dictionaries)


A study guide needs to be condense.

An effective study guide has all the important information listed in a limited space, preferably in one page. With all the key information listed, a study guide provides a brief overview of all the crucial points, serving as a quick reference.

A visual study guide is more effective.

Visual organization of the notes helps people see related concepts and make meaningful connections with the material. A visually well organized study guide is great to help achieve a higher level of learning.

Examples make a study guide more useful.

Only concepts or points are not enough for a good study guide. Examples that can apply information to “real world” situations add great value to a study guide. Examples help people see how the concept/points apply and therefore strengthen the points with concrete proof.


I’ve been working on this little project for some time, trying to help Chinese students to learn some basic yet essential Chinese words, not only their meanings, but also some grammatical rules. I wanted to create one-page, well organised, condense guide with examples to highlight all the points a Chinese learner should know about the word. Now that there are 12 Chinese words plus 1 Nouns of Locality, I decided to put them together and this study guide book came to life.

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide Book 1 - a study guide to some basic yet essential Chinese words with grammar and rules as well as well chosen examples. A quick reference for Chinese study. #Chinese4kids #Chinesestudyguide #Chinesevocabulary #Chinesegrammar #LearnChinese #MandarinChinese #Chinesereference

The 12 Chinese words included in the study guide book are

As you can see, all these words are basic and essential as, when combined with other Chinese characters, they can form many useful words. And knowing how to use them is very important in Chinese learning.

Let’s have a look at one example, the study guide to 要

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide Yao 要 #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #MandarinChinese #Chineseforkids #Chinesestudyguide #Chinesevocabulary #Studyguide #Chinesegrammar

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide Book 1 is now available in our eBook store.

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Chinese vocabulary study guide #Chinese4kids #LearnChinese #mandarinChinese #Chineseforkids #Chineselearning #Chinesestudyguide #Chinesevocabulary #Chinesegrammar

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