Gift with Chinese Elements 2019


It is again the time of the year: we want to wrap up the year by looking back, recognizing our achievements, adventures, people we’ve met and especially the people who have given us a hand, brought joy to our lives and those we appreciate and love. Maybe you are thinking of giving some gifts, gifts that are not so expensive but unique and beautiful? Here I list some items with Chinese elements that are good to give for Christmas, New Year, Chinese Spring Festival, or for personal events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or just for a normal day to cheer somebody up.  

Earrings and Pendant Featuring Chinese characters 

These accessories are so unique as they feature Chinese characters with good meanings such as happiness(喜), fortune(福) and love(爱).

Chinese wooden Board Games and Blocks

Board games are always popular during holiday seasons. It is always a pleasure for the whole family to gather together to play a card game or a board game. There are several great traditional Chinese board games and blocks that are not only interesting to play with but also challenging for the brain, for example, 

Chinese checkers, Chinese Brain Teaser Puzzles, Tangram Puzzle and Chinese game board with stones (this can be used to play several games such as Weiqi (the oldest surviving board game in the world)  or Wuziqi(5-in-a-row).  

Great Gift for Chinese Teachers or Parents

For teachers and parents, they will think of their students or children no matter what gifts they receive. If the gifts can make them to motivate their kiddos, they would be happy. 

Motivational Stamp set in Chinese and Chinese blessing stamps are therefore perfect. 

Water painting with brush and stand is great for the kids to practice Chinese character writing without wasting any paper because as soon as the water evaporates, the board becomes clean and ready to be used again. 

The wall chart is not an ordinary wall chart featuring images and Chinese words. It is an audio digital Chinese-English bilingual learning chart. Kids can look at the pictures, listen to pronunciation and study the Chinese words. It is great for preschoolers to play and learn Chinese vocabulary. 


Of course, there are many other great gifts with Chinese elements too. Have a look at what we found before: Ideas of Gifts with Chinese Elements 

If you want to get the kids to learn Chinese about gifts, we have a Gift Theme Chinese Learning Pack for Kids in our eBook store.

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Ideas of gifts wth Chinese elements - unique, special gifts to the people you feel thankful for. Accessories with Chinese characters, motivational Chinese stamps to inspire children to learn, traditional Chinese board games, all are great to cheer up a friend, a teacher, a parent and yourself. #Chinese4kids #Chinesegifts #Chineseeements #gifts #giving #whattogive


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