Ideas of Gifts with Chinese Elements

On special occasions like New Year Day, Christmas, graduation day, birthdays… or just a random, ordinary day to cheer up the people we care, we want to give out a gift – maybe small, maybe big — but unique gifts with some Chinese elements. It is not always easy to come up with ideas. Isn’t it a good to have a list of gift ideas to refer to whenever we feel like to show our love, gratitude or simply care?

Here are some ideas of gifts with Chinese elements:


6 Rolls Masking Tape Set Chinese Element Decorative Craft Tape Collection for DIY and Gift Wrapping with Colorful Designs and Patterns

The masking tape set has beautiful design patterns from Chinese calligraphy, Chinese traditional paintings, Chinese seals and so on.  Small but really unique.

Leaf Bookmarks

These bookmarks are made of real leaves, which makes them so special. Each of them features a Chinese traditional brush painting. Very beautiful small gift.

Hand Held Silk Folding Fans with Bamboo Frame

Chinese silk folding fans are foldable. When opened, it reveals a beautiful painting of flowers. Really nice small gift.


Laser Cut Chinese Red Hollow Carved Wedding Favor Boxes with Ribbons (50 pieces)

These small hollow carved favor boxes can be used to hold small objects like Candies, chocolates, masking tapes etc, in a very representable way. They can also be used as surprise box to children.


Chinese Calligraphy Brush set

For Chinese learners, Chinese calligraphy is a fun and fascinating part. This calligraphy brush set contains calligraphy brushes, ink stone, ink block, stamp, ink paste, brush holder and water bowl, a complete set to enjoy the fun of Chinese calligraphy. It brings the atmosphere to your writing table and definitely gives you the urge to start the amazing art of Chinese calligraphy.

Reusable Chinese Calligraphy Brush Water Writing Magic Cloth

For calligraphy lovers, practice makes perfect. Chinese calligraphy requires a lot of practice. Writing again and again need a lot of pieces of paper which can be saved if this reusable writing magic cloth is used. What you need is only water and a brush. When the water evaporates, you can re-write on the cloth.


The Chinese Brush Painting Bible: Over 200 Motifs with Step by Step Illustrated Instructions (Artist’s Bibles)

Chinese brush painting is totally different from the western way of painting. Several strokes describe an object, a landscape, a person, and more. This book gives a brief history of Chinese painting as well as basic techniques. It features 200 motifs with step-by-step instructions to guide through the learning process. A great gift for an art lover.


Girls’s Costume Han Chinese Clothing

Most girls like new costumes. These Han Chinese costumes are a bit different from the ones for Chinese New Year festival. They are the costumes for Han, beautiful costumes, perfect gifts for little girls.


100% Handmade Silk Embroidery Painting

This can be a great gift for your own house or for anybody who is interested in Chinese culture. The Embroidery painting is done on silk and totally handmade. It is not only decoration, but also a piece of art.


Training Chopsticks

These training chopsticks make learning to use chopsticks fun. The cute designed animal helper helps pushing the chopsticks together, making grabbing food easy. They can be removed once the child get more confident using chopsticks.

*Note: One of the ways Chinese4kids is able to cover its costs is that we earn a small commission when readers make a purchase from Amazon after clicking on our links (affiliate links).


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