Eyes, Hand, and Foot.. How to Say Body Parts in Chinese

Eyes, Hand, and Foot.. How to Say Body Parts in Chinese

HLet a child look at himself/herself in the mirror. What would he/she see? As children are curious about themselves, they are eager to learn different parts of their bodies, such as eyes, nose, hands and more. Because they can identify and point to the different body parts, learning the Chinese words is quite easy and fun. 

Here is a list of the most common body parts in Chinese. 


眼睛 yǎnjīng eyes 

鼻子 bízi nose 

嘴巴 zuǐbā mouth 

牙齿 yáchǐ teeth 

舌头 shétou tongue 

头  tóu head 

耳朵 ěrduǒ ear 

脖子 bózi neck 

肩膀  jiānbǎng shoulder 

胳膊 gēbó arm 

手 shǒu hand 

手指头 shǒuzhǐ tou finger 

腿 tuǐ leg 

 脚  jiǎo foot 

肚子 dùzi belly 

身体 shēntǐ body

Theme Vocabulary Pack – Body Parts in Chinese for Kids


Let’s make some sentences with these words:

Bǎobǎo yǒu xiǎoshǒu, xiǎojiǎo, xiǎo gēbó, xiǎotuǐ hé xiǎo dùzi.
Babies have small hands, small feet, small arms, calves and belly.

Yī zhī shǒu yǒu wǔ gè shǒuzhǐ tou.
There are five fingers in one hand.

Tóu shàng yǒu yǎnjīng, bízi, zuǐbā hé ěrduǒ.
There are eyes, nose, mouth and ears on the head.

Zuǐbā li yǒu yáchǐ hé shétou.
There are teeth and tongue in the mouth.

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