Theme Vocabulary Pack – Body Parts in Chinese for Kids

This Body Parts theme Chinese learning pack feature the body parts Chinese vocabulary with various learning materials for kids.


There is nothing more interesting than finding out the different parts of our bodies: eyes, mouth, nose, hands, legs and so on. This Body Parts Theme Chinese Learning pack feature the Chinese body parts vocabulary with various learning materials.

What is in Body Parts Theme Chinese Learning Pack?

As the title suggests, this is a pack of body parts in Chinese. The Chinese vocabulary and the corresponding images make it easy to follow.  The different materials highlight different needs in learning so to make it fun and effective. For example, we can print out word wall, laminate it and hang it around in the classroom or at home as a quick reference. We can use the 2 types of flash cards for kids to learn and to review. To better understand kids’ learning, there is also a quiz in the pack to test the mastery. What’s more, a video file and an audio file are included to maximise the learning output.

In summary, there are 6 files in this pack, catering to different learning points:

    1. 1-sided Flash Cards
    2. 2-sided Flash Cards
    3. Word Wall
    4. Vocabulary Quiz Worksheet
    5. Video
    6. Audio

Is this Body Parts Theme Chinese Learning Pack Right for You?

If you want to introduce the community themed Chinese vocabulary to children in a visual way, this pack is right for you:

– This pack features word wall, flash cards highlighting the key vocabulary in different ways.
– It has a well designed vocabulary quiz which shows how well a child learns and serves as a feedback to track progress.
– The pack tackles different senses (sight, hearing, motion etc) to stimulate learning with better results.
– It is visually appealing to children and can serve as a visual learning tool. You can also use them as posters or bookmarks (if laminated).
– You can download and use it immediately. Once downloaded, you can print them out and use them straight away!

What to Do Once You Purchase

As soon as you purchase the learning pack, you will receive an email. In that email, you will find 6 documents for download. You can download flash cards, word wall, quiz worksheet and the audio file directly from the email. There is one file titled with “Download Instruction including Video Link”. This file contains links to all the documents mentioned above plus a link to the video. You will be able to download the video from the video page.

Happy Learning!

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