Use Scavenger Hunts to Add More Fun in Mandarin Chinese Learning for Kids

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Fun makes learning enjoyable. What Chinese learning activities are fun for kids to take an active part in? In addition to other activities such as role play, I would also vote for a scavenger hunt! Yes, scavenger hunt is great for kids in their Chinese learning.

What is a Scavenger Hunt?

A scavenger hunt is a game that the organizer comes up with a list of items for participants to seek in order to complete or gather all the items on the list. Scavenger hunts are easy, inexpensive and can be done inside and out depending on the items on the list. This weather- independence feature makes it especially great. 

What makes scavenger hunts super fabulous is that they can add educational elements to kids’ playtime without them even realizing it (isn’t that awesome!)

Use Scavenger Hunt in Chinese Learning

There are many scavenger hunts we can use to learn Chinese vocabulary, how to describe things in Chinese and ask around for information in Chinese.

Object Scavenger Hunts

We can do this type of scavenger hunt either inside or out. For example, 

  • objects specified in Chinese (and pictures), 
  • of different colors,
  • of different shapes, or
  • Chinese word search
  • etc

On a Particular Location
Scavenger hunts can be done on a particular location which stimulates children to observe and fit in the new environment. 

Here are some locations we can easily do a scavenger hunt with kids:

  • at a zoo
  • field trip
  • vacation site
  • camping
  • park

Have a look at an example of a beach scavenger hunt. 


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Sensory Scavenger Hunts

This type of scavenger hunts invites kids to explore the world with their five senses. For example, 

  • “尝尝“(taste)
  • “摸摸” (touch)
  • ”闻一下“ (smell)
  • ”看一看“ (look)
  • ”听一听“(listen to)
  • “感觉一下” (feel)

Scavenger Hunts around a Theme

A scavenger hunt around a theme is quite helpful for learning the topic. There are so many themes we can make our kids do a scavenger hunt. Think about…

  • Sports 
  • Season
  • Nature
  • Insects
  • Plants 
  • Community
  • Family

All the above are great for kids to do a scavenger hunt. Here is an example of a summer theme.
Summer theme Chinese learning pack for kids scavenger hunt, learn Chinese with games

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Social Interaction Scavenger Hunt

Most of the scavenger hunts mentioned above require none or little social interaction with peers. They can be done individually or with a small group of children. Social interaction scavenger hunts require kids to communicate with each other. Even in the virtual environment, this type of scavenger hunt asks kids to ask for and give information, which makes it a really great activity. 

Below is a scavenger hunt to be used at the end of the school year, but it can also be used at the beginning of a school year. It helps kids to get to know each other in the same class. We can adapt it to the kids to socialize in the same neighbourhood.

end of year Chinese learning scavenger hunt activity


Download this Scavenger Hunt Worksheet


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