Summer Theme Chinese Learning Pack for Kids

This summer theme Chinese learning pack provides different learning points for kids: Chinese vocabulary, a reading book and more fun activity worksheets.


For all of us, summer is the one which is the most wanted. Kids look forward to summer vacation in which they can play all day long with friends. Beaches are usually a popular location for families to spend time together. Well, it is also a great time for kids to learn some Chinese, maybe starting from the theme of Summer. Hopefully this summer theme Chinese Learning Pack for Kids will be your choice.

What is in the Learning Pack?

I designed this learning pack to help children learn Chinese around Summer Theme with fun!

You will find the following activity sheets inside:

  • Summer theme Chinese vocabulary word wall
  • flashcards
  • Chong Chong Fei Chinese children’s poem
  • Fish Chinese Reading
  • 夏天 (Summer) character coloring worksheet
  • Summer scavenger hunt worksheets
  • Beach scavenger hunt worksheets

Is the Workbook Right for You?

This workbook is a great one to help kids learn Chinese not only vocabulary but also via poems and a small reading book. The scavenger hunts add great fun.

This workbook is right for if you

  • want to help your child to learn about summer without any preparation
  • would like your child to have fun even going out by doing the scavenger hunts
  • prefer to start as soon as possible –  download the pack and start to use it straight away TODAY

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