Learn Mandarin Chinese in Springtime with Spring Theme Chinese Learning and Activity Pack

Learn Mandarin Chinese in Springtime 

Now that the weather is getting warmer, the birds chirp, more greens come to earth and flowers begin to blossom… we can feel the buzz of Spring in the air. Children enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening, riding bikes and flying kites. What a beautiful time it is to learn some Chinese !

How to Say “Spring” in Chinese

Spring in Chinese is 春天  (chūn tiān)

 chūn  means Spring
  tiān  means Day
春天 chūn tiān means Springtime


Common Chinese Words for Springtime

There are so many objects that are mostly seen in Spring. Let’s find out how to say them in Chinese.

For example,

小草  xiǎo cǎo  little grass
小花  xiǎohuā  little flowers
郁金香  yùjīnxiāng  tulip
青蛙  qīngwā  grog
瓢虫  piáo chóng  ladybug
小鸟  xiǎo niǎo  little bird
鸭子  yāzi  duck
蜜蜂  mìfēng  bee
蝴蝶  húdié  butterfly
毛毛虫  máomao chóng  caterpillar
种子  zhǒngzǐ  seeds
太阳  tàiyáng  sun
雨  yǔ rain
云  yún  cloud
风筝  fēngzhēng  kite

Some outdoor activities children all enjoy in Springtime include the following;

骑自行车 qí zìxíngchē   ride a bike
放风筝 fàng fēngzhēng  fly a kite
种花 zhònghuā  plant flowers

Source: Springtime Chinese Learning and Activity Worksheets Pack

Learn about Butterflies

Don’t you love watching butterflies in Springtime? I bet your children do! The colorful butterflies are great inspiration for kids to learn colors in Chinese.

Source: Springtime Chinese Learning and Activity Worksheets Pack

It is also great to learn some body parts of them:

A Chinese Tongue Twister about Butterflies

Húdié fēi
Butterflies Fly

hēi húdié fēi
Black butterfly flies

huī húdié fēi
Gray butterfly flies

hēi húdié fēi wán
Black butterfly stops flying
huī húdié fēi
Flies the gray butterfly

*Pay attention to 黑(hēi – black),  灰 (huī – gray)and 飞(fēi).

Have Some Chinese Reading Fun

There is nothing more rewarding for young Chinese learners to read from a book. Here is a little text they can read alone with a little help of images.

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Zài chūntiān, cǎolǜle
In Spring, the grass turns green.

Zài chūntiān, huā kāile.
In Spring, the flowers are blooming.

Zài chūntiān, húdié zài kōngzhōng fēi.
In Spring, butterflies fly in the air.

Zài chūntiān, xiǎo niǎo chànggē.
In Spring, birds sing.

Zài chūntiān, xiǎo jī xiǎo yā chūlái wánshuǎ.
In Spring, chicks and ducklings come out to play.


Springtime Chinese Learning and Activity Worksheets Pack

To make the whole Chinese learning in Springtime easy to access, we created a worksheet pack which include vocabulary flashcards, color cards and activity, butterfly body parts, Spring Chinese character writing worksheet, butterfly tongue twister, In Springtime reading book and coloring pages.


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