Halloween Chinese Learning

Halloween time is always a fun time for kids. Parties, costumes, trick and treat, candies… so much enjoyment! We can make it also a fun Chinese learning opportunity. We’ve created Halloween Chinese Learning Pack for Children so they can learn some Chinese while getting ready for this very exciting day.

What’s in the pack?

Halloween Chinese Learning Pack for children, learn Chinese around Halloween theme. #Chinese4kids #HalloweeninChinese #Halloweenlearning #LearnHalloweeninChinese #Learningpack #eBook #mandarinChinese


As specified on the cover, there are several materials tackling different aspects of Chinese learning: – theme vocabulary word walls These word wall words can be put on the wall or around a table, serving as a quick reference for the kids. Halloween Chinese Learning Pack for children, learn Chinese around Halloween theme with these word wall words. #Chinese4kids #HalloweeninChinese #Halloweenlearning #LearnHalloweeninChinese #Learningpack #eBook #mandarinChinese – Chinese vocabulary flashcards Use these flashcards to practice the words and establish the connection between words, pictures, and Chinese pronunciation.

– words writing worksheets Further to recognizing the Chinese words, it is great for kids to learn how to write them in the right stroke order. Halloween Chinese writing worksheets – Cute Halloween Bookmarks Fun is the Number 1 goal of Halloween Chinese studies. So there are some cute bookmarks for kids to enjoy when they read a Chinese book. Once printed, the bookmarks are ready to be used. It is a good idea to laminate them so they can last, but without lamination, it is also OK. Halloween Bookmarks in Chinese - learn around Halloween in Chinese with fun – Picture/Chinese Halloween theme word cards for memory game – Vocabulary quiz This pack is available in our eBook store. Get it for your kids to start learning some Chinese around the Halloween theme.

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If you like this post, PIN IT! Learn Chinese around the theme of Halloween. Have fun learning the Chinese Halloween words while having fun making the bookmark and practicing Chinese writing. #Chinese4kids #Halloween #ChineseHalloween #MandarinChinese #Chineseforkids #ThemeChinese #HalloweeninChinese

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