Having been busy at creating a new Chinese learning pack for kids: Apples Theme. In this harvest season, apples are everywhere. It is interesting for children to learn Chinese around the theme of apples: parts of apples, apple products, apple life cycle, etc.

This pack contains the following parts:

  • Apple-theme word walls
  • Parts of an apple
  • Apple life cycle
  • Apple-theme Chinese character writing worksheets
  • Parts of an Apple and Apple Life Cycle worksheets
  • Apple-theme images and Chinese words for memory games

Let’s have a look together:

The word walls – the word walls feature all the key Chinese vocabulary of the Apple Theme. They can be put around a classroom or home to give the visual reminder to the students.

Apple Theme Chinese Learning Pack

Apple Life Cycle Sheet: This sheet gives a visual life cycle of an apple. It shows the key phases of the life of an apple as well as the terms in Chinese. In this pack, there is also a worksheet to test what the students have learned.

Apple-Theme Chinese Learning Pack

Character Writing Worksheets: These worksheets show the word, image and character writing practice for kids to model and practice. A great way to enforce their character learning.

Apple-Theme Chinese Learning Pack

Parts of an Apple Worksheet: This is one example of the worksheets for children to practice what they have learned – parts of an apple.

Apple-theme Chinese Learning Pack

If you want to have a look at the sample of the Apple Theme Chinese Learning Pack, you can download it below.

Click here to get your download

If you would like to get the whole pack and use it to help your child learn Chinese around the Apple Theme, check out the details below:

Apple-Theme Chinese Learning Pack

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