Chinese Lucky Phrases to Say During Chinese New Year That Start with Numbers

Chinese lucky phrases starting with numbers #Chinesenewyear #SpringFestival #luckyphrases #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #expressiveChinese #Chinese4kids

During the 15-day Chinese New Year celebrations, people want to express good wishes to family and friends. When they meet each other, they will say something that is pleasant to hear. These sayings are called Lucky Phrases (吉祥话).

Apart from the lucky phrases we often say, below I would like to introduce to you the lucky phrases that start with numbers.

吉祥话 - lucky phrases starting with numbers use them during Chinese new year and you'll be sure to impress a lot of people. #Chinese4kids #luckyphrases #吉祥话 #ChineseNewYear #expressiveChinese Click on the image Above to have list sent to you in your Inbox!

Wishing you one smooth voyage,
two dragons soaring,
three goats bringing peace,
four seasons of safety,
five blessings at your door,
six-six (‘flowing’) great favor,
seven stars shining down from on high,
eight directions yielding wealth,
nine-nine (‘long-lasting’) harmony,
ten (out of ten) for excellence,
100 (all) things to your liking,
1,000 (all) things lucky,
10,000 (all) things your way.

If you want to use them, just add “祝你” in front, and you are good to go!Chinese lucky phrases starting with numbers #Chinesenewyear #SpringFestival #luckyphrases #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #expressiveChinese #Chinese4kids


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