Rabbit Themed Chinese Notebooks for Chinese Learners

Rabbit_Chinese year of the rabbit notebooks #Chinese4kids #Chinesestudynotebook #LeaernChinese

For Chinese learners, Chinese study notebooks are helpful with their language learning journey. The use of physical notebooks provides tactile engagement with the written language, increasing retention and understanding while also allowing the students to track their progress. There are different Chinese study notebooks that cater to different needs at different levels. For example, pinyin notebooks are great for kids when learning pinyin; pinyin tianzige notebooks are great for kids transitioning from pinyin to Chinese characters. Once the students are good at Chinese characters, they can use fangge (square grid) notebooks to practice writing. They can also use Chinese vocabulary notebooks to learn about Chinese vocabulary. 

As we shared the collection for the year of the Tiger, let’s have a look at notebooks of the rabbit theme as this is the year of the Rabbit.

Rabbit – Themed Chinese Pinyin Handwriting Notebook

This type of notebook gives students opportunity to practice pinyin handwriting. It’s especially useful for those who are learning Chinese pinyin.

pinyin Chinese study notebook #pinyinstudy #pinyinpractice #Chineseforkids #Chinese4kids


Chinese Character Handwriting Tianzige Notebook

Tianzige notebooks are great for students who are learning to write Chinese characters as the notebook provides a guide for the students to pay attention to the layout, structure, and look of their writing.

Rabbit Chinese study notebooks for Chinese students @tianzige #learnChinese #MandarinChinese #Chineselanguage #Chinesestudent

Chinese Pinyin & Character Handwriting Pinyin Tianzige Notebook

The notebook bridging Pinyin and Chinese character learning is the Pinyin Tianzige notebook.

pinyin tianzige Chinese study notebook #Chinese4kids #Chinesestudynotebook #notebook #rabbit #Chineseyear oftherabbit


Chinese Primary Composition with Pinyin Tianzige Notebook

For young Chinese students, this type of notebooks are great as there is half a page space for drawing,  the pinyin is to mark the pronunciation of the sentences,  and the tianzige is for writing sentences.

Chinese primary composition with pinyin and tianzige for young kids to draw and write Chinese sentences #Chinese4kids #Chinesecomposition #rabbit #Chineseyearoftherabbit

Chinese Primary Composition with Tianzige Notebook

For young Chinese learners starting to write stories in Chinese, this type of notebooks are suitable because they can both draw and write simple sentences.

primary composition tianzige Chinese study notebook #Chinese4kids #Chinesenotebook #rabbit #Chineseyearoftherabbit

Chinese Fangge Square Grid Writing Notebook

As soon as a student can write Chinese sentences, s/he can progress to use the fangge writing notebook to write Chinese paragraphs. The square grids help write the characters in the right place and keep them look neat.

Fangge Square Grid Chinese study notebook #Chinese4kids #Chinesestudynotebook #rabbit #Chineseyearoftherabbit

Chinese Vocabulary Study Notebook

This large vocabulary learning notebook is a simple but effective companion notebook for a Chinese language student to write down and study new characters. 

Learn Chinese vocabulary with these Chinese vocabulary study notebook #Chinese4kids #Chinesevocabulary #Chinesenotebook



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Rabbit_Chinese year of the rabbit notebooks #Chinese4kids #Chinesestudynotebook #LeaernChinese

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