Chinese Apple Theme Learning Pack for Kids

This learning pack is for children to learn various aspects of the theme of apples in Chinese with different activity worksheets such as Parts of an Apple etc and and much more.


It has been proven that theme- based learning is very effective. Normally a series of lessons cover many aspects of the theme which makes learning comprehensive and focused. Apple Theme Chinese Learning Pack for children is great for kids to learn Apple Theme in Chinese.

What is in Chinese Apple Theme Learning Pack?

This pack includes many aspects of apples, such as

– Apple theme Chinese word walls
– Parts of an apple in Chinese
– Apple life cycle in Chinese
– Writing worksheets for all the Apple words in Chinese
– Worksheet for parts of an apple
– Work sheet for apple life cycle
– Picture/Chinese word cards for memory game

Is Chinese Apple Theme learning Pack Right for You?

Consider the points below if you wonder if this is the right pack for you.

  • You can download all the word wall, inforgraphics, worksheets, flash cards instantly and use them immediately;
  • The pack covers many aspects of Chinese learning. It can cover several weeks of Chinese theme-based teaching/learning;
  • The pack is child friendly

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