Toys Chinese Mini Accordion Book for Kids

Toys Chinese Learning Accordion Mini Book for kids - Learn Chinese is fun #Chinese4kdis #funChinese #Chineseactivity

Kids love toys, we all know it. Although there are countless toys in the market, some of them are loved by all kids around the world.  Let’s make a mini accordion book with our kids while learning Toys in Chinese. 

Toys Chinese Vocabulary

The toys we’re going to learn are 

  • 泰迪熊  teddy bear
  • 汽车 car
  • 娃娃 doll
  • 球 ball
  • 积木 blocks
  • 拼图 puzzle

It is all super easy and familiar for kids. 

Toys Chinese vocabulary flashcards in Chinese


How to Make the Toys Chinese Mini Accordion Chinese Book

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Toys Chinese learning Accordion mini book

It’s a great way to learn with a hands-on activity. When the kids have learned the key toys vocabulary, it’s a great idea to make a mini accordion book. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Toys Chinese Mini Accordion Book below. 
  2. Page 2 is the page with all the images of toys. Color and cut along the picture boxes. 
  3. Cut along the indicated line on page 3. Then fold along the center line and glue the inside of the fold to hold it in place. 
  4. Paste the cut images into the right places on the folded page 3. Trace the Chinese characters. 
  5. Fold along the dotted line and now the mini book is made!

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Toys Chinese Learning Accordion Mini Book for kids - Learn Chinese is fun #Chinese4kdis #funChinese #Chineseactivity

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