Chinese Around Ice Cream: Learn about Ice Cream Vocabulary, Dialogues and a Chinese Poem

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When the weather is good, isn’t it nice to get an ice cream?  Isn’t it cooler to know Chinese around ice cream?

How to say ice cream in Chinese

Ice cream is a foreign word. There are two terms, both referring to ice cream, both are the combination of the word meaning (ice冰)+ pronunciation of cream.  雪糕 is a Chinese word. It literally means SNOW + CAKE.

So in Chinese we can say Ice Cream in three ways:

冰激凌 (bīng jīlíng)

冰淇淋 (bīng qílín)

雪糕 (xuě gāo)

There is nearly no difference between these two, so feel free to use either of them.

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 Types of Ice Cream 冰激凌/冰淇淋的种类

There are different types of ice cream.

  • Soft serve ice cream  软冰激凌  ruǎn bīngjīlíng
  • Frozen yogurt  冰冻酸奶  bīngdòng suānnǎi
  • Ice lolly / popsicle / ice pop  冰棍  bīnggùn
  • Sundae 奶昔  nǎi xī

Popular Ice Cream Flavours  受欢迎的冰淇淋口味


Fruit  水果味

  • Strawberry  草莓味冰激凌   cǎoméi wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Mango  芒果味冰激凌   mángguǒ wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Peach  桃子味冰激凌   táozi wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Banana  香蕉味冰激凌   xiāngjiāo wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Apple  苹果味冰激凌   píngguǒ wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Blueberry  蓝莓味冰激凌   lánméi wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Kiwi  猕猴桃味冰激凌   míhóutáo wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Coconut  椰子味冰激凌   yēzi wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Lemon  柠檬味冰激凌   níngméng wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Honey melon  哈密瓜味冰激凌   hāmìguā wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Cherry  樱桃味冰激凌   yīngtáo wèi bīngjīlíng
  • Watermelon     西瓜味冰激凌   xīguā wèi bīngjīlíng

Chocolate  巧克力

  • Dark chocolate   黑巧克力味冰淇淋   hēi qiǎokèlì wèi bīngqílín
  • Chocolate peanut butter  花生酱巧克力味冰淇淋   hHuāshēngjiàng qiǎokèlì wèi bīngqílín
  • Mint and chocolate chips   薄荷巧克力片冰淇淋   bòhé qiǎokèlì piàn bīngqílín
  • Double chocolate  双倍特浓巧克力冰淇淋   shuāng bèi tè nóng qiǎokèlì bīngqílín

Other Flavours 其它口味

  • Vanilla    香草味冰淇淋   xiāngcǎo wèi bīngqílín
  • Cookie & cream   曲奇面团冰淇淋    qū qí miàntuán bīngqílín
  • Green tea / Motcha    抹茶味冰淇淋   mǒchá wèi bīngqílín
  • Coffee 咖啡味冰淇淋   kāfēi wèi bīngqílín
  • Yogurt 酸奶冰淇淋   suānnǎi bīngqílín

Order an Ice Cream 点一份冰淇淋

Ice cream can be served in different packaging, such as a cone, a cup, a bowl, a glass or a box. How to say them in Chinese? Have a look,

  • (Waffle) Cone  (华夫)蛋筒   (huá fū) dàn tǒng
  • Bowl  碗   wǎn
  • Glass  杯   bēi
  • Box  盒   hé
  • Scoop  球   qiú

OK, let’s try a couple of dialogues together:

Dialogue 1:

A: 请问你要什么?
Qǐngwèn nǐ yào shénme?
What do you want?

B: 我要一杯三球冰激凌。
Wǒ yào yībēi sān qiú bīngjīlíng.
I would like to have a three-scoop ice cream.

A: 请问要什么口味?
Qǐngwèn yào shénme kǒuwèi?
What flavours do you want?

B: 香草,巧克力和椰子。
Xiāngcǎo, qiǎokèlì hé yēzi.
Vanilla, chocolate and coconut.

A: 好的。给你。
Hǎo de. Gěi nǐ
Here you are.

B: 谢谢。
Thank you.

Dialogue 2:

A: 可以给我一个蛋筒冰激凌吗?
Kěyǐ gěi wǒ yīgè dàn tǒng bīngjīlíng ma?
Could you please give me an ice cream in cone?

B: 可以呀。请问要几个球?
Kěyǐ ya. Qǐngwèn yào jǐ gè qiú?
Of course. How many scoops do you want?

A: 两个。
Liǎng gè.

B: 请问要什么口味?
Qǐngwèn yào shénme kǒuwèi?
What flavours would you like to have?

A: 咖啡和草莓。
Kāfēi hé cǎoméi.
Coffee and strawberry.

To help kids practice these sentences, how about we set up a gelato shop:

I Love Ice Cream Chinese Poem for Kids

Now that you know all the things about ice cream in Chinese, let’s teach our kids a Chinese poem about ice cream.

I love ice cream A Chinese Nursery Rhythm on Summer

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