9 Planners for Organizing Chinese Homeschooling

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People approach to time and task management differently. More efficient people generally have a planner, either physically or digitally. Using a homeschool planner is critical for the success of teaching our children Chinese at home.

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Here are some reasons you want to use a Chinese homeschool planner.

Having an overall picture

For parents, homeschooling is only part of the activities of children. That said, it’s important to have an overall idea about what’s going to happen every day during the week; important things, and other arrangements. If you try to establish some habits, you want to plan them out too.

Understand where your time is being used

Filling out activities you’ve planned for your kids gives you a goal of how you would like to use your time. Keep track of how your time is being used and how well you’re able to follow your plan. Then you can tweak your schedule accordingly. For example, you may find an unnecessary task takes up too much of your time or you can eliminate an activity.

Break up larger goals into smaller tasks

If you want to teach your child pinyin, you got to break it up into several smaller steps that need to be mastered. Only when the smaller accomplishments are made, your child can reach the goal. Planners help you to divide the goal into manageable steps over a timeframe.

You can plan out the Chinese lessons: when, where, and how long each lesson is going to be. You can plan out the weekly topics or objectives: maybe on day one, you teach 5 initials and day two characters with the initial pinyin, and so on… With the topics planned out, you can then go to the detailed lesson plans. Of course, you need to plan out homework and reading as they enforce Chinese learning.

Keep records of your kid’s progress

Record-keeping is an important part of homeschooling. Keeping track of what you’ve taught and how your child has progressed is crucial, especially if your child runs into any learning issues. Having a record will assist you to identify the areas you might have missed or the point your child started to struggle.

Set a good example for your kids

As we all know, habits that are started young tend to stay overtime. Time management is a skill our kids need to learn. By using planners ourselves, we set an example for them; they can learn to use planners to better manage their tasks.

The planners are available in our store.


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homeschool planners for Chinese teaching at home #Chinese4kids #homeschool #Chinesehomeschool #teachChineseathome #planners


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homeschool planners for Chinese teaching at home #Chinese4kids #homeschool #Chinesehomeschool #teachChineseathome #planners

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