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Family Song

This song tells relationship among Chinese family members. The words are very simple, but direct enough for children to master the terms easily.

bàbà de bàbà jiào shénmé?
What to call Daddy’s Dad?
bàbà de bàbà jiào yéye
Daddy’s Dad is called Yeye.
bàbà de māma jiào shénmé?
What to call Daddy’s Mom?
bàbà de māma jiào nǎi nai
Daddy’s Mom is called Nainai.
bàbà de gēgē jiào shén mé?
What to call Daddy’s older brother?
bàbà de gēgē jiào bóbó
Daddy’s older brother is called Bobo.
bàbà de dìdì jiào shén mé?
What to call Daddy’s younger brother?
bàbà de dìdì jiào shūshū
Daddy’s younger brother is called Shushu.
bàbà de jiě meì jiào shén mé?
What to call Daddy’s sisters?
bàbà de jiě meì jiào gūgū.
Daddy’s sisters are called Gugu.

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  1. Hello,

    I love this song and I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly as well for this website. I am about to embark on the study of TCM and need to learn Mandarin – and my two children with me. I have to say I was feeling very overwhelmed this week, and this song MADE ME FEEL I CAN ACTUALLY DO IT :) Something about those little kids voices is so optimistic.
    So a huge thank you to you, I plan to visit here often and recommend your site as well.

    I would very much appreciate though if you could translate and transcribe the latter part of this song.

    Greetings – Iga.

  2. Thax for this song….. I very like it……

  3. I know most of this but I learned more.

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