My Chinese Reading Level B 36 Books

My First Chinese Reading books are meticulously crafted to cater to the reading needs of young beginning Chinese learners. Here is a collection of all the 36 books. Books in this series are of the next level after My Very First Chinese Reading books.



Reading plays a pivotal role in the language acquisition journey of young Chinese learners. The initial step in the reading journey for young Chinese learners involves familiarizing them with words they encounter in their daily lives. This approach leverages visual aids such as pictures and pinyin (phonetic transcription) to scaffold their understanding and facilitate word recognition. By associating characters with familiar objects or concepts, children develop a sense of confidence and familiarity with the written language.

My Chinese Reading Level B books are crafted to cater to the reading needs of young beginning Chinese learners at literacy development phase 2 (emergent reading phases). They are slightly higher than books in My Very First Chinese Reading and My First Chinese Reading series.

Key Features of the Level B Books

Simplified Text
Each page contains 2-7 words, making complete sentences. Young readers can easily read the texts. There are 10 pages in each book, totally around 33-55 words.

Familiar Topics
all the content showcase subjects young learners are familiar with in their daily lives, which help establish connections between the words and the subjects.

Pinyin Assistance
There are two versions for each book, one with pinyin, and the other without. Pinyin is provided alongside characters, aiding pronunciation and comprehension.

Visual Support
Rich illustrations accompany the text, reinforcing vocabulary through visual association. The one-t0-one text to picture correspondence makes it easy for kids to follow and understand the text.

High-Frequency Word Repetition

The series emphasizes the repetition of high-frequency words, and the use of predictable language helps children develop reading skills in understanding and prediction.

Video Pronunciation Assistance
For each book, there is a video which can be used as an assistance for kids to master the pronunciation if necessary.

36 Books for Young Chinese Learners

All the 36 books at Level B are fantastic for young Chinese learners to progress to read long texts and complete sentences.

Each book has two versions: with and without pinyin.

There is a video that goes with each book. Here is one example,

Are theses Books Right for You?

Consider the points below if you wonder if this is right for you:

  • Your child is 4-8 years old and is ready to start reading in Chinese
  • You would like to set up a library for your kids to encourage them to read
  • These books are great start for establishing a reading habit for your child
  • There is also a reading log sheet that serves as a tool for you and your child to stay on track.
  • Instant download.
  • Just print and assemble all the pages and you create your own reading books.

These features not only make the reading experience accessible but also enjoyable for young learners, fostering a positive attitude towards language learning.

Reading Books at Different Levels


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These 36 My Chinese Reading Level B books are fantastic for kids to continue reading Chinese books and improve their Chinese literacy as an additional language.My Chinese Reading Level B 36 Books