Xuele: a great Chinese learning website from Singapore

I had a lovely talk with a good friend of mine living in Singapore.  Chinese teaching and how to inspire kids to keep the interest in learning Chinese was one of the topics. She told me that although English and Chinese are both official languages in Singapore, children and parents pay more attention to English simply because it is much easier.  A lot of parents, who are quite good at Chinese, speak English with their children. Now it has been a huge concern of the Education Department of the government. In order to create a better learning environment, the Educational Technology Division launched an interactive website to make the learning experience more interesting.

There are two sections on the main page: Elementary School and Middle/High School.

Each section is categorized in grade levels. Let’s take a look at Grade 1. The first chapter is Pinyin… ha, it fits perfect since the kids in one of my clubs are learning Pinyin.

Very well designed. Kids must love this website. Thanks a lot, Ruth, for sharing this wonderful website.

Kid’s Online Chinese Lessons

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