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If you are happy clap your hands Chinese children's song lyrics - learn Chinese children's song and learn Chinese language #Chinese4kdis #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #Chineselearning

If You Are Happy, Clap Hands with Me -Let’s Learn This Chinese Children’s Song

If your happy and you know it, clap your hands Clap, clap Don’t you know this song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”? You most likely know this song well. Do you know there is a Chinese version of this song too? “如果开心你就跟我拍拍手” As we already know the importance of Chinese children’s songs in …

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sing Chinese songs, learn Chinese language - Chinese children's songs are great for kids to learn Chinese language. Read the article to find out more. #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #funchinese #Chinesechildrensongs #song

Sing Children’s Songs – Learn Chinese Language

Music helps children’s learning. Soft background music can help enhance the concentration of the students by creating a calm and relaxing learning environment which benefits both teaching and learning. Chinese children’s songs are great to learn not only for the musical benefit but also for their language benefit. Music and Rhythm Benefit Memorization “Although not …

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Jingle Bells in Chinese

Christmas is coming. There is nothing better than singing into the holiday season! Let’s learn a Christmas song: JINGLE BELLS in Chinese! Líng er xiǎng dīngdāng 铃儿响叮当 Hēi, chōngpò dà fēng xuě 嘿,冲破大风雪 Wǒmen zuò zài xuěqiāo shàng 我们坐在雪橇上 Kuài bēnchíguò tiányě 快奔驰过田野 Wǒmen huānxiào yòu gēchàng 我们欢笑又歌唱 Niánqīng de huǒbànmen 年轻的伙伴们 Jīngshén duō shuǎnglǎng …

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Five Monkeys

五只小猴床上跳 wǔ zhī xiǎohóu chuáng shàng tiào Five little monkeys were jumping on the bed, 一只跌倒摔伤了 yì zhī diē dǎo shuāi shāng liǎo One fell and got hurt. 医生医生怎么办? yīshēng yīshēng zěnmebàn? Doctor, doctor, what should I do? 别让小猴床上跳 bié ràng xiǎohóu chuáng shàng tiào Don’t let the little monkeys jump on the bed. 四只小猴床上跳 …

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Dance Song

This is a happy dance song. Come, come, come, everyone, let’s make a circle Don’t you feel like to dance too? You can get the lyrics of this song and other 11 Chinese children’s songs by clicking below.

Little White Rabbit

Little white rabbit White so white With two ears standing It loves to eat carrots and cabbage… This song brings back a lot of sweet memories for any Chinese person. It is one of the classic Chinese children’s songs that almost everybody in China knows. Well, now your child is about to learn it too! …

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Finger Song in Chinese

I went to the mountain, ready to fight against a tiger. However, he did not find any tigers. Instead he found squirrels. How many squirrels are there? Let me count: one, two, three, four, five, five squirrels! You can get the lyrics of this song and other 11 Chinese children’s songs by clicking below.

Mama Baobei

It is quite touching to see the duck Mom protecting her babies, swimming together. Let’s listen to the following song and enjoy the beautiful moment between Mom and Child.

Song of Rainbow

Rainbow has seven colors. This easy song teaches the seven colors of a rainbow. 彩虹歌 cǎi hóng gē 红色, 黄色,粉红,绿 hóng sè, huáng sè, fén hóng, lǜ, 紫和橙 zǐ hé chéng 蓝和白 lán hé bái 黑 hēi I can sing a 彩虹, I can sing a cǎi hóng sing a 彩虹, sing a cǎi hóng …

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Family Song

This song tells relationship among Chinese family members. The words are very simple, but direct enough for children to master the terms easily. 爸爸的爸爸叫什么? bàbà de bàbà jiào shénmé? What to call Daddy’s Dad? 爸爸的爸爸叫爷爷。 bàbà de bàbà jiào yéye Daddy’s Dad is called Yeye. 爸爸的妈妈叫什么? bàbà de māma jiào shénmé? What to call Daddy’s …

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