Recently I have posted a short survey, “What is the most struggle for your child to learn Chinese?“. From all the responses I have received, Hanzi, Chinese writing and Chinese reading are the major areas which require more guidance and support.

Chinese characters are indeed the bottleneck for Chinese learning. Consistent work has to be done in order to see learning results. One tip is to make Chinese characters visible everywhere: in the house, in the car, in the classroom…Posting them on the walls is a great idea to enhance familiarity. Once familiarity is established, recognition and memorization will follow naturally.

When it is winter time, it is a good time to study the winter themed Chinese vocabulary. Kids can identify and use the vocabulary straightaway since they are items they are familiar with. Print them out, post them around on the walls at home, in the classroom, laminate them and use them as bookmarks,… Use these ideas to get them to the eyes of the children and they would likely start to pay attention to the characters. Even passive observation can leave an impression, trust me.


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