Some Chinese proverbs on Books

How can we live a life without books?! Books are mentioned in lots of proverbs, in all languages. Here I would like to list some in Chinese.

  • 好书如挚友
    hǎo shū rú zhì yǒu
    A good book is a good friend.
  • 一本好书,相伴一生
    yī běn hǎo shū, xiāng bàn yī shēng
    A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.
  • 读书如交友,应求少而精
    dú shū rú jiāo yǒu, yìng qiú shǎo ér jīng
    Books and friends should be few but good.
  • 读书使人充实,交谈使人精明
    shú shū shǐ rén chōng shí, jiāo tán shǐ rén jīng míng
    By reading we enrich the mind, by conversation we polish it
  • 择书如择友
    zé shū rú zé yǒu
    Choose an author as you choose a friend.

photo credit: abee5

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