Invisible Wings

invisible wings - A Chinese pop song for Chinese learning #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #Chinesesong #funChinese

I love this song by Zhāng Shàohán 张韶涵. Let’s quote some from the words

měi yī cì dōu zài pái huái gū dān zhōng jiān qiáng
Every time I wander in loneliness, I get stronger;

měi yī cì jiù suàn hěn shòu shāng yě bù shǎn lèi guāng
Every time even if I get hurt, I don’t let my tear glimmer;

wǒ zhī dào wǒ yì zhí yǒu shuāng yǐn xíng de chì bǎng
I know I always have a pair of invisible wings;

dài wǒ fēi, fēi guò jué wàng
which lead me fly, flying over despair.


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invisible wings - A Chinese pop song for Chinese learning #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #Chinesesong #funChinese

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