Fall into Autumn with fun Mandarin Chinese learning activities

Learn Chinese in Autumn - Learn Fall Chinese vocabulary for kids with fun #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #Autumnvocabulary #FallChinesewords #Chineseworksheets

Autumn is such a beautiful season with so many things to do and so much to learn with kids.  There are many words children can learn around the Autumn theme, from nature to insects, from food to celebrations. Here are some examples,


树叶 leaves
蜘蛛 spider
苹果 apple
派 pie
怪物 monster
大餐 feast

Ways of Helping Kids Learn Autumn Vocabulary

First, kids can use flash cards to learn Chinese words. Flash cards provide visual cue for kids to establish the connEction between the image and the word. 

Apart from the regular flash cards, Montessori 3-part flash cards are effective for Chinese students, especially young learners. The 3 parts, image with characters, image only, and Chinese characters only, give kids different touch points of learning the same words.

Secondly, we can give kids a more hands-on experience by giving them coloring and tracing activities.

Kids can color the images as well as the Chinese characters. By coloring, kids used a combination of seeing, touching, and feelings (through colors) and therefore learn the words with a tangible understanding. 

For older kids, they can even assemble their coloring pages and make a vocabulary book. In such a way, they can carry and read whenever they want. This further help the children to learn the words by heart.

Thirdly, we can use both flash cards and coloring worksheets to provide various opportunities for kids to learn, work, play and use the Autumn words they’ve learned. 

Theme- Based Autumn Chinese Learning

There are many things students can learn about Autumn. Below you can find some themes that your kids are interested in: 





Or a general Fall Theme

Any other ideas?

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Learn Chinese in Autumn - Learn Fall Chinese vocabulary for kids with fun #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #Autumnvocabulary #FallChinesewords #Chineseworksheets


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