Valentine’s Day is coming. It is not a really special day in China traditionally, but it is becoming more and more popular among young people even in China. Flowers and chocolate are good gifts for the loved ones. Valentine’s Day cards are essential together with gifts. In sprite of its increasing popularity, unlike in USA or Europe, Valentine’s Day is not yet celebrated among young children. For this reason, it is hard to find Valentine’s Day cards specifically designed for young children in Chinese.

Here you can find some designs I created recently. The little project was inspired by my daughter who was thinking of making something special as Valentine‘s Day gift for her classmates and friends. One idea was to write some Chinese phrases on Valentine’s Day cards. While I was putting out all the craft materials for her, this idea stuck my mind — why don’t I design some Valentine’s day cards in Chinese characters?

Valentine’s Day Mini Cards in Chinese

There are 3 sets: one set in totally pink for girls; one set in cooler color for boys and the 3rd set for both boys and girls.

Several Chinese characters are used in these cards.

想 xiǎng to miss
爱 ài to love
喜欢 xǐ huān to like
抱 bào to hug

You can download the cards below
Click here to download
Hope you and your child enjoy them!

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