Learn Mandarin Chinese Everyday with 365 Days Chinese Journal

365 days journal overview

Like learning any other languages, Mandarin Chinese learning needs to take place regularly. If a person can spend even as little as 5 minutes a day, it can make a huge difference. Here I want to show you how to learn Mandarin Chinese on a daily basis with the 365 Days Chinese Journal.

How Does the 365 Days Chinese Journal Look Like

365 Days Chinese Journal is a calendar journal that gives an overview of the year and each month. You can use the calendar to plan out your learning or simply your activities for each month.

On the weekly pages, there is one useful Chinese expression on each day of the week. This allows the user to learn the expression every single day. Each expression has pinyin and English translation so that it is easy to learn them by heart. Next to the weekly Chinese expression page, there is a bulletin journal page for you to write down any notes from studying, for example, learning points, grammar, sentence examples, quotes, ideas etc….

365 days journal overview

What Chinese Expressions Are Included

All the Chinese expressions in the 365 Days Journal are commonly used ones in daily life. Different from the sentences in textbooks, they are short phrases/sentences that you can hear from everyday conversations among Chinese people. 

Let’s have a look at several examples:

Oh my God


It’s a bargain.

So annoying.

Online Learning Videos

365 Days Chinese journal is useful because it not only provides a practical Chinese expression everyday, but also serves as a planner as well as a notebook for any Chinese learning points or notes. What’s more, we’ve created videos that go with the journal and you can learn the expressions day by day following the online videos.

Below is the video for January just for you to have a look.

Where to Buy

Now that you know how useful this 365 Days Chinese journal is, you may wonder where to purchase it. Here are three formats for you to choose:

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Soft cover book available at Amazon

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Hard cover book available at Amazon

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Digital Downloadable Printable available in our eBook store

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