365 Days Chinese Journal


Learning a language requires persistence. This 365 Days Chinese Journal is therefore the perfect companion for a Chinese learner to learn a bit Chinese every single day throughout the whole year of 2023.

This journal features the yearly calendar and monthly calendar of 2023, which helps have an overview of the days and plan out key activities.

A Chinese expression is listed per day with space to jot down notes.

Also, there is an access to our online videos that provide further help learning the Chinese expressions day by day.

If you are looking for a daily Chinese learning opportunity, this journal is perfect. The practical expressions are good to know and use in our daily life. And the layout of the journal serves also as a learning notebook.

The 365 Days Chinese Journal features:

  • All expressions have pinyin and English translation
  • Includes access to the 365 Chinese learning online videos
  • 2023 annual view
  • Monthly calendar for planning
  • Quotes for motivation
  • Day/date reference
  • Chinese expressions are organized by week


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