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. When we explore the world, it’s beneficial to learn about different continents and their major countries . Whether it’s for travel, study, or communication with others, knowing the Chinese names for continents is important.

Continents 洲

Continents in Chinese #Chinese4kids

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In Chinese, the word for “continent” is “洲” (zhōu). Here are the names of the continents in Chinese:

Asia – 亚洲 (Yàzhōu)
Africa – 非洲 (Fēizhōu)
North America – 北美洲 (Běiměizhōu)
South America – 南美洲 (Nánměizhōu)
Europe – 欧洲 (Ōuzhōu)
Australia – 澳洲 (Àozhōu)
Antarctica – 南极洲 (Nánjízhōu)

Continents and Countries 洲和国家

Let’s have a look at how to say different continents and the major countries in each continent.

Asia – 亚洲 (Yàzhōu)

Asia is the largest continent in the world, with a diverse population and cultures. China 中国 (Zhōngguó), the largest country in Asia, is known for its long history, rich culture, and breathtaking landscapes. India 印度 (Yìndù) is another significant country, with a wealth of religions and historical landmarks. Japan 日本 (Rìběn) captivates people with its advanced technology and unique culture.


Here are a list of major countries in Asia:
China 中国 (Zhōngguó)
India 印度 (Yìndù)
Japan 日本 (Rìběn)
South Korea 韩国 (Hánguó)
Russia 俄罗斯 (Éluósī)

Africa – 非洲 (Fēizhōu)

Africa is a diverse continent, abundant in natural resources and stunning wildlife. Egypt 埃及 (Āijí) is one of the prominent countries in Africa, with ancient pyramids and the Nile River. South Africa 南非 (Nánfēi) is renowned for its magnificent natural scenery and wildlife reserves.

Here are a list of major countries in Africa:
Egypt 埃及 (Āijí)
South Africa 南非 (Nánfēi)
Nigeria 尼日利亚 (Nírìlìyà)
Kenya 肯尼亚 (Kěnníyà)

North America – 北美洲 (Běiměizhōu)

North America is the continent where the United States and Canada are located. The United States 美国 (Měiguó) is one of the largest economies globally, with world-famous cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Canada 加拿大 (Jiānádà) is known for its vast landscapes, friendly people, and multiculturalism.

Here is a list of the major countries in North America:
United States 美国 (Měiguó)
Canada 加拿大 (Jiānádà)
Mexico 墨西哥 (Mòxīgē)
Cuba 古巴 (Gǔbā)

South America 南美洲 (Nánměizhōu)

South America is famous for its hospitable people and vibrant cultures. Brazil 巴西 (Bāxī) is the largest country in South America, renowned for its world-famous carnival and the Amazon Rainforest. Argentina 阿根廷 (Āgēntíng) is known for its tango dance and delicious beef.

Here is a list of the major countries in South America:
Brazil 巴西 (Bāxī)
Argentina 阿根廷 (Āgēntíng)
Peru 秘鲁 (Bìlǔ)
Chile 智利 (Zhìlì)

Europe 欧洲 (Ōuzhōu)

Europe has a rich history and diverse cultures. France attracts tourists with iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum in Paris. The United Kingdom 英国 (Yīngguó) is famous for the Big Ben in London and Stonehenge. When we talk about Italy 意大利 (Yìdàlì) , we won’t forget its ancient Roman ruins and exquisite cuisine.

Here is a list of the major countries in Europe:
United Kingdom 英国 (Yīngguó)
Germany 德国 (Déguó)
France 法国 (Fǎguó)
Italy 意大利 (Yìdàlì)
Spain 西班牙 (Xībānyá)
Turkey 土耳其 (Tǔ’ěrqí)

Australia 澳洲 (Àozhōu)

Australia 澳大利亚 (Àodàlìyà) is a unique continent. It is famous for its diverse wildlife and stunning natural landscapes. The country offers various attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, and Uluru.

Antarctica 南极洲 (Nánjízhōu)

Antarctica, the southernmost continent, is mostly uninhabited. Its icy landscapes and scientific research stations make this continent a very special one. Ice covers 98% of the continent. There are no villages on Antarctica, not to mention countries.

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By learning about the continents and major countries in Chinese, Chinese learners can not only gain a broader understanding of the world,  but also enhance their cultural knowledge.

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