Classical Chinese Animation| Three Monks

Three monks is a famous story in China. On the high mountain there is a temple. There is a long distance from the temple to the river which is located at the foot of the mountain. One monk used to live there. He had to walk a long way to fetch water, but he did it everyday. One day, another monk appeared in the temple. Now who’s to fetch water became a regular argument between them. Luckily they found a solution : they carried water together. Then the 3rd monk became a member of the temple, which brought complexity, because they all thought the others should go and get water. They suffered from thirst, but nobody still did not want to move until … a mouse ate the candle, and the flame started to burn down their temple. They worked together and transported water from the river and finally saved their temple.

This is an award-winning Chinese classical cartoon. Simple drawings and simple characters. A real enjoyment!

yí gè hé shàng tiāo shuǐ hē
One monk fetches water to drink;
liǎng gè hé shàng tái shuǐ hē
Two monks carry water to drink;
sān gè hé shàng méi shuǐ hē
Three monks have no water to drink.

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