Following the successful A Bite of China Season 1, the first episode of Bite of China 2 was launched on April 18, 2014.

1. Heart Transmit
The first episode, as the title suggests, focuses on homemade local food which not only accompanies people on the road, but also becomes the taste which remains on the tip of the tongue and in the heart of those who moved to places far away from hometown…

2. Come Across
Ways of making some food have been passed on from generation to generation. Making the food is not only a tradition but also an art and hard work. In this episode, we can watch how rapeseed oil, noodle and rice products are produced in the traditional way. We can also watch how some cuisine skills such as cutting are passed on from Shifu (master) to Tudi (apprentice).

3. Seasons
In the right season, the food is fresh, at its peak, at its taste as well as its flavor. To cook and serve the seasonal food has been a real joy for many Chinese people. Seasonal food differ from place to place and from one season to the other. Let’s enjoy them by watching the video!

4. Three Meals
Three meals are not only meals, they are an enjoyment for people. People get together to enjoy each of the meals.
In a life we can taste all kinds of food along our journey, but the taste which always lingers on our tongue tips and in our mind and stomach is the taste of the food made at home, by a dear person in our lives. It does not matter how fancy and delicious the food in restaurants is, we still want to taste the food made by our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and other people who cook for us all the time. This episode tells us several stories of families where home-made food has already shaped the taste and memory….

5. Daily Life

6. Realm of Secrets
There are a lot of delicious food available in China, but some of them are hidden in secret environment that only the local people know how to get the food and how to cook them. This episode unveils some food inaccessible for most people — and they are all very delicious!

If interested, you can watch A Bite of China Season 1 .

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