How Are You, Earth – A Chinese Song for the Earth Day

Earth How Are Song lyrics Learn Earth How Are You song in Chinese for kids around Earth Day celebration #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #MandarinChinese #Chinesesong #EarthDay

Earth Day (地球日) has become an important day for all of us to recall what we’ve done and what we can do to make our earth a better place. Every year there is a different theme and the theme of 2019 Earth Day is “Protect Our Species”(保护物种).

To celebrate this day, let’s learn a Chinese song “Earth, How Are You?”

Earth, How Are You?

Lyrics and music: Xinyu Wang
演唱:杨婕 屠梅华 黑鸭子合唱组
Singer: Jie Yang, Meihua Tu, Black Duck Choir


When the sky is no longer blue, birds will not fly.

When rivers are longer clear, fish also leave their hometown.

When the air is no longer fresh, flowers also lose fragrance.

When the dark clouds cover the sun, the world will be dark and dull.

When the iceberg melts, the earth is a vast ocean.

When the earth dries the villages, our eyes show no desire.

When cars driving non stop in the city, there is no quietness anywhere.

When fairy tales have no forest, fairies lose wands.

When toys become your clothes, you have no innocent fantasy ever since.

When greed desperately chases, no animals sing with you.

Let’s love together, let’s sing together,

Let’s call all together: how are you, earth?

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Earth How Are Song lyrics Learn Earth How Are You song in Chinese for kids around Earth Day celebration #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #MandarinChinese #Chinesesong #EarthDay

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