When spring comes,  working in the garden such as planting seeds , watering flowers and so on is a great fun, for both adults and children. It is also a good time to teach kids some gardening words in Chinese. Here is a gardening theme Chinese Learning pack for kids.

The pack contains the following printable:

· Gardening theme Chinese words flash cards
· Parts of a flower in Chinese
· Writing worksheets for all the Chinese words (in the full pack)
· Pictures/Chinese word cards for memory game (in the full pack)

How to use the pack:

The vocabulary flash cards can be printed out and used to help children identify the images and the words. I recommend to have them laminated so that they can be used again and again.
Chinese Gardening Pack flash cards
Chinese Gardening Pack flash cards

Parts of a flower is a great visual way for children to learn the different parts of a flower. It can be laminated and used by the children again and again too.
Gardening Pack flower parts

The writing worksheets are for the children to practice how to write these Chinese characters in the right writing stroke order. For example, it looks like below:

Chinese Gardening Pack memory game cards

To help making the connection of the images and the Chinese words better, this pack also includes two sets of cards: one set of images and the other of Chinese words. They are perfect for children to pay Memory game and learn the words by heart.
Chinese Gardening Pack writing worksheet

Want to have a sample of this pack( it contains the flash cards and the parts of a flower)? Click the download button below to get the access!

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If you want to get the complete whole pack, you can purchase it HERE

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