Tuttle Publishing is one of the top publishers of books rooted in Asian culture, language, and history.

I received 2 books from Tuttle Publishing recently: one is ” My First Book of Chinese Words” and the other is “Chinese For Kids Flash Cards“. Both books are beautifully designed and printed. Here I would like to review “Chinese for Kids Flash Cards” and will do another review soon for “My First Book of Chinese Words“.

First, I would like to show you the whole unboxing process:

This kit contains 64 flash cards, an audio CD, a wall chart and a learning guide. The 64 words are from the categories of family, color, number, clothes, animals, food, body and my day.

back cover of Chinese for kids flash cards

The wall chart has all the words, pinyin and vivid images. It is a great visual learning tool which can be seen and referenced often during the learning.

The flash cards have two sides. The front side features the characters, pinyin and an image. On the back side, there are several sections. On the top of the cards shows the topic. Below there is a small chart which lists the characters, the pinyin format, English translation and the radicals of the characters. I like the addition of radicals because it helps learners grasp the character meanings quickly. There are also some sentence examples, available in Chinese, pinyin and English. The section at the bottom shows the writing stroke order of the word. The flash cards are laminated and durable. It should be OK to write and rewrite the characters with a whiteboard marker to practice writing.

The flash cards can be used in the classroom as well as at home. The 2-side design makes it suitable for differentiated learning. For absolute beginners, the front side is good enough; for a bit more advanced learners, exploration on the different sections on the back side can extend the learning to a new level.

All in all, this kit is very well designed and the quality is very good. They are child-friendly and I can easily see it being used and appreciated by students, teachers and parents.

There is another Flashcard kit from Tuttle too just in case you are interested.
Tuttle Flashcards Kit 2

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