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36 Chinese Pictogram Characters

Over time, Chinese characters are developed based on several strategies. Some basic Chinese characters were originally pictograms, or pictographs (象形, literally meaning “form imitation). They symbolize objects or express meanings iconically. Pictogram Chinese characters are easy to recognize as the objects represented in the symbols can be seen as soon as the meaning is revealed. …

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Winter Theme Word Wall Words in Chinese

Recently I have posted a short survey, “What is the most struggle for your child to learn Chinese?“. From all the responses I have received, Hanzi, Chinese writing and Chinese reading are the major areas which require more guidance and support. Chinese characters are indeed the bottleneck for Chinese learning. Consistent work has to be …

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Family Song

This song tells relationship among Chinese family members. The words are very simple, but direct enough for children to master the terms easily. 爸爸的爸爸叫什么? bàbà de bàbà jiào shénmé? What to call Daddy’s Dad? 爸爸的爸爸叫爷爷。 bàbà de bàbà jiào yéye Daddy’s Dad is called Yeye. 爸爸的妈妈叫什么? bàbà de māma jiào shénmé? What to call Daddy’s …

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